Monday, December 03, 2007

Things I remember from last week

It's been a bit since I posted, I'm sure all 3 of you who read this every once in a while are excited.

I did Karazhan with Homerjay, we downed the "early bosses" up to Curator. I scored a Steelhawk Crossbow and 9 badges. Worgen Claw Necklace which was what I really wanted also dropped of Attumen but I was using my "alt" so I took the bow that no one wanted and passed on the neck. My dps was pretty good, I'm able to out dps people who out gear me. Hemo is getting nerfed in the next patch, which I am currently specced. It makes for a great spec for pve and pvp, so it gets nerfed. Only healers are allowed to have a spec good for pve and pvp. Since pve is my focus with Homerjay I'll be going back to combat swords..

I did some heroics, my goal to finish every instance in heroic is working out pretty well since the new daily heroic has come out. Cleared heroic Sethek and Shattered Halls on Saturday. We were looking to get Bacon his epic flight form, and Homerjay isn't keyed for Lower City heroics. The group was Origami (feral druid) Baconstrip (resto druid) Wichita (resto shaman) Darolyn (shadow preist) and me, so I respecced balance for the day. The only problem we had was Ikiss he kept arcane exploding us through pillars (cheater).

After the run I asked if we could do the first boss in sh to finish the quest to summon Nightbane. Bacon fell asleep so we grabbed Sylvara for more dps. We ended up clearing the whole thing, five badges and one the Eye attunement quests done as well. You don't need to do them anymore but why not do em anyway? You get gold and a fancy title I think. I couldn't do 1000 dps on any fight, not once. Totems and trinkets and the best I could do was 900 something. If I had used a flask or potion maybe I could have, but that's why I gave up on balance. I just can't dps as well as I would like.

Season 3 starting up meant new a new 1500 rating for everyone and personal rating. Still doing 3 games with Homerjay and 7 with Lakini. I was still tree specced when we did our games. It went well, 7-3 and rating up to 1577. One dps 2 healer works pretty well, we only lost twice with that, and once because I'm still new at kiting warriors. We also did guild warsong that night. We had 5 well geared healers and it went really well. We beat 2 premades and every pug we played. I do like pvp as a resto druid, instant cast ftw.

Current enhance shaman/future resto is level 29 and hunter is 41. Leveling is so much easier post 2.3, you can actually quest rested and level in an 1 hour or 2. No grinding for 2 levels because Blizzard wants to have zones with like 5 quests. That's all

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