Friday, December 07, 2007

Homerjay goes to ZA

Any doubt about using Homerjay as my raiding main is gone. Nalorakk Death, <---link. 811 dps for Homerjay, I think the most I ever did with Lakini was about 650 on a raid boss fight. I would have done more damage but the when fight started I was watching Sponge Bob, so I started a little late. Lakini's gear is quite a bit better than Homerjay, but combat rogues are that much better. I should put in a ticket to a gm get to my 2500 gold I wasted on my dps gear for Lakini. That'll teach me to not spec resto or feral.

The run went well, I had every buff on earth, which bumped me to 32% crit, 2100 ap and I didn't need salv. I'm still working on my dps, I still use the wrong attacks sometimes and still need to work on positioning. We got Nalorakk on the 4th try, one badge (stupid). We moved to the eagle boss, I forget his name. The trash was easy the boss was not. We were too melee heavy so I switched out Homer for Lakini, his chain lightning was owing us. We got him to 2% on our best try but the lightning storm killed Shynedown and I and we didn't have enough people up to finish him. That's all

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Honors Code said...

A Warlock is really helpful on Eagle to "thin the flock" a bit.

Good luck on him next time.