Sunday, January 27, 2008

Catching up

So it has been a while and many things have happened.

In the world of pve Homerjay is pretty well geared. For the bosses we are farming (all of Kara, HKM and Nalorakk) I only am looking for 4 drops. One of which I'll just get a badge reward in place of if doesn't drop next kara run. I'm still somewhat bummed I went mh sword over fist, if only I knew then. Just need to get the timed event in za to fix that. I love that I do zero pvp with Homerjay, complete pve spec and gearing. No respeccing, no concern about resilience and as a rogue no need to use pvp gear in pve, other than getting my weapons. All the other gear I need will drop sometime.
I have done a kara and hkm as a balance druid. I changed up my gear quite a bit since I had last done it. Mana potions were used quite often and my dps was good. I consider it on par with my rogue better on Prince for instance and worse on Aran. I moonkin tanked in Gruul's for our last effort, which was painful but HKM died and I was one of three people to get loot so I'm not complaining. I'm kind of doing whatever needs to be done for raiding right now. I have tanked, healed, and dpsed over the past couple of weeks. 45 badges and 2 kara drops later my tank gear is good for most of kara, but I still need several upgrades to move beyond Kara. As far as healing goes I need a new neck piece and shoulders, though I have no trouble healing what we are doing as a guild. DPS gear could use a new neck, shoulders and trinket. WTB some moonkin love in 2.4

In the world of pvp the process of gearing up for healing is going alright. I need about 2000 honor for my next piece and am 2 weeks away from my next arena piece. Need one more piece of arena gear to get speed bonus from my resto gear so two more weeks of using 4 balance pieces. I don't do much in the way of bg's because I hate them. Unless I am going with a geared organized group I have no interest in going at all. Which makes gearing for arenas less than enjoyable Pug battlegrounds are torture, but who doesn't know that. Arena rating has been up and down, some failure on my part has us just below 1600 this week.

As far my guild goes some people came, some people left. Exciting I know.

Let's see half way to epic mount/flight form, not sure which to do first. Haven't used the alts much, need that hunter to get 70 for some mining and skinning. I got a puppy. That's all I have to say about that.


Honors Code said...

Welcome back Lakini.

"DPS gear could use a new neck, shoulders and trinket."

Pauldrons of Tribal Fury (60 Badges)

Icon of the Silver Crescent (41 Badges)

Manasurge Pendant (25 Badges)

Lakini said...

Just 126 badges short