Thursday, January 31, 2008


Let's see, raided twice in the last 2 days. I wasn't on the kara roster on tuesday but we had someone not show up so I subbed in, Homerjay's first kara in 2 weeks. We cleared the easier bosses in Kara. Got my Worgen Claw Necklace, that'll save me 25 badges. I had passed on it once or twice before, not that I had anything as good as it. I rolled a 100, the guy I rolled against rolled a 98.

I have noticed there are fights that I do well on and other not so much on. Moroes is great, not much moving and someone to blade flurry is sweet. I forget to keep slice and dice up on Curator, the stupid wolf runs from me. Anyway, hit up 270, I really need hit trinket that'll be a tough one though.

ZA was quite an adventure, we have a "team" for ZA, there are no sign ups for this unlike our kara or grull's runs. We figure what night works best and send 10 in. We have more than 10 people on the team, 3 rogues so anytime I get to go I pleased. We had the goal of finally beating the eagle boss (1% last time) and getting the timed event on the bear boss. Mission accomplished. Here are the stats. Some hunter pulled aggro during the bear boss nearly dooming us. the tanks were able to get him back, they couldn't get back my AR(5 minute cooldown, basically never ending energy for 10 seconds or so). I just stood there with an unending supply of energy with a trinket popped. I should have killed said hunter later when he was mind controlled on the lynx boss trash.

The Eagle boss took 4 attempts, our first attempt was perfect until some hunter pulled aggro. our fourth attempt was perfect, I forgot to video the event(failure). Aleks (mt) never even got low on health. We headed down to the Lynx boss, I had never been this way before, it was interesting. 5 elite kittys appear at three points on your journey. On the first group some warrior pissed of some crocs and we wiped. I was able to vanish to avoid death. Feeling guilty I pulled the group stealthed and died. We were two pulls away from the lynx boss when Origami's connection feel apart. After ten minutes of him logging on and disconnecting we called it. Not the best way to end a raid but two guild firsts makes for a good night.

In other news I got my Medallion of the Alliance, just 5 days until s2 shoulders. I'll be teaming with Jagdelf (that hunter) for 2 vs 2 arenas, hopefully for some 1850+ fun. Haven't done any pvp for a few days so not much else to report here 3 vs 3 today I hope.

In the land of alts my hunter is my focus, should hit level 45 today. Now if Origami could stay connected long enough he can enchant and mail back my "twink gear" too much level 18 to 24 gear on my hunter for my liking. has anyone noticed the Honorshammer has me listed as inactive on his blog, but not all the guys who haven't blogged since like September, I have, still love the guy though.

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