Monday, February 04, 2008

19 and doh!!!

I guess cheaters don't prosper

Anyway, many good times other than that. I actually got into and heroic, first time in a month or so. Homerjay and four lucky folks headed into Heroic Slave pens. The daily was heroic Sethekk, but no key for Homer so we went for "easy badges". I still had the daily heroic quest from long ago. It was fun, I got mind controlled and killed some people in my group. If you see Homerjay's name turn red in your group cyclone him or something, or he will kill your less armored friends. If I could pvp as well as the mob who mind controls I'd be way better off. Findre (once known as Jenet) got a few healing pieces, and killed by me. Wichita (once a elemental shaman) got Midnight Legguards and was killed by me as well.

As far as pvp goes arenas are still a up and down aff
air. In 3 vs 3 shaman and druids were owning us. We did well when those guys weren't around. Battlegrounds aren't soo bad. I forget that most folks I run into can't kill me. 377 resilience and just under 10000 hp is too much for people not pvp geared. In a pug eots I was solo defending a point when 4 horde showed up, they failed to kill me I even forgot to use a potion. It took about 15 to 20 seconds for reinforcements to arrive to kill them off. I was pleased. In guild pvp we won every match I did, I think only died 5 times all night. So bg's easy, arenas. . . depends on the day.

Jøsiah is now level 46 and rising fast, leveling is so much better after the changes made in 2.3. Must have a mining and skinning alt. Just 1500 more gold till the epic mount. That is all.

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