Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mag and such

Monday we sent our first group to down the big guy. This was met with failure. Everyone was on and in the raid on time, which I thought was more impressive than any boss kill I have been on. At first we weren't dpsing the channelers down fast enough. We got that down then the clicking of the cubes. Our last attempt we downed the channelers and got through round one of clicking, not round two though. I think we would have downed him in a few more attempts. Time was up however. Before this I was all for skipping off to Void Reaver. Now I want this guy dead and that Gruul too. The next 25 man will be on Monday I already cashed in my Monday raid (my wife's night off) so I shall be sitting, They had better get a screenshot if they down him. I seem to be the one in charge of that.

Tuesday I was off to Karazhan, and what a treat it was. We started later and had some glitching to help out as well. Like I said before 8 badges for 3 hours, well. . . sucks. The group wanted to push towards Prince. If we had we have gotten 11 badges, a half clear. Nice idea, but it wasn't going to happen. Curator bugged on us and 3,408 spell shades came and wiped us at one point. I could tell early on we weren't going to get to Prince but folks get voting to skip easy bosses and badges. If I had known that was the plan I would have planned to be elsewhere. Not a big deal, hopefully on Saturday I'll back for the rest of them. Pauldrons of the Solace-Giver dropped , no else wanted em so I grabbed them. I'm not sure if want to put the fancy healing enchant on them, I'd prefer tier 4 or the leather version off Curator.

Our guild Kara set up has changed as I stated earlier. I was hoping it meant you could put a group together and clear kara. Not soo much, unless you plan to have one every week on Sunday. Then the rest of the guild has to plan around that. There has been a bit of QQing about who is getting in on what run, I'm a bit tired of it. People are worried about getting into later kara, why not just use a special kill the first 6 bosses potion and start right there. I mean do the first half then the second, shouldn't someone else do that for you? I hadn't seen Prince in 5 weeks, no whining, no I'm being left out. Less than two weeks into the new system and let the crying begin. I'm thinking of trying to find some folks to pug kara with out of guild on a weekly basis. It would be nice just to to do a full clear without drama or sign ups, there's my QQ. LFG Kara

Let's see. . . got Homerjay's epic mount, now just a few hundred more gold for the skill, many herbs will be mine soon. Need seven more badges for my idol. Hunter up to level 48, I love the Searing Gorge. That's all.

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