Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weekend Update

I was busy fellow this weekend, too busy for sleep and for most of my dalies. I'm not sure why I was logged on Friday night, I had no plans of any sort. Probably seeing if I could get deal on the some of that moonkin badge loot, not like anyone else wants it. I got a tell about clearing the first 2 bosses in za for the timed event. Sounded good, nice and short and then off to bed. On the last pull before the Bear boss the medicine man (mob who drops totems that wipe groups) broke sheep and dropped his evil totem, then we all died. Anyway bear boss dies and Aleks (prot warrior and Alanis Morissette fan) had to go. No eagle boss without two tanks and we didn't have another online. So off to kara we go.

It was about 9 local time, plenty early, unless you work at 4:30 am the next day. We picked up a lock and were set. We started up on Aran's trash and went on our way. Two hours later I had my 22 kara badges for the week. Somehow I ended up with no epix in a full clear, I wouldn't expect that considering how I like to gear up for any roll possible, not complaining, I was there for badges and I got em. Two short of my shoulders.

The next evening I made it my mission to acquire those badges. The heroic of the day was sethekk. So I was able to get a group, it was a bit of a mess. 2 druids+ 2 rogues +1 mage = 0 rez. I kept getting one shot and having to walk back. After 2 and half short hours I had my badges and my shoulders.

As pictured above I broke 1k spell damage and am hit capped. This screenshot is off the ptr so I could respec balance for free. Well, I think I'll wait till later to get into the wonder that was Mag's and an 8 badge 3 hour Kara run. That's all

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