Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things that Happened Part 1

It's been a while so time to catch up. Arenas will be the focus of this one I'll to the next time as I'm doing Gruul's tonight. Over the last two weeks we have gone (games I played in) 17-19. First week 10-15 (terrible) this week 7-3 (good). There are five people on the team, one ms warrior, 2 disc preists and 2 resto druids. It seems that Ferth Sameth and I or Ferth Bacon, and Natano are the groups. We haven't been able to mix it up due to scheduling.

After our games two weeks ago I was pretty discouraged and was about ready to ditch the arenas completely. I don't really like playing a resto druid. Kiting warriors isn't really my cup of tea, but it's my best option at this point. I also hate how important class make up is. Not that 3 healer teams should do well but, we have played the same team or similar teams that we can't beat over and over again. We could go 8-2 or 2-8 depending on luck with who we play. I pretty much hate that.

We were losing games that we could have won due to poor communication and because the way Sameth and I play. She is supposed to be mana burning but ended up doing more healing, I was supposed to be healing and ccing but I tended ignore my healing to make sure my target was rooted or whatever.

This week was much different, Sameth and I did a good job of not breaking line of sight on each other. I have had trouble rooting warriors/rogues because they would chase her around a pillar while I'm casting and I would get the target not in line of sight message. The same thing would happen with heals, you can't heal someone you can't see. We stayed together more and we won a couple of games would have lost the week before.

I'm trying to decide how if I like arenas or not. Sometimes it's fun, other times torture. I'm going to be saving up my arena points. I don't know when season 4 starts but I'll be grabbing the season 3 dps staff and quitting when it does or will have figured how to play and buying the season 3 healing weapon and whatever other gear I can get. We'll see.

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