Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things that Happened Part 2

Part 1 was pvp so it is pve time. Many changes, this could take a while, mostly Homerjay returning to the shelf. Heroes Inc has too much melee at this point so back to the druid I go. So I'm respeccing as needed from balance to resto for arenas and still heal in pve as needed as in our first Lynx Boss kill.

First thing is to fix the mess that is my balance gear. It has been neglected for months, healing gems, crappy blue gear. I have collected 27 badges, just 33 till Pauldrons of Tribal Fury. I have switched out some gems to my spell hit 154, losing some crit. This is all Wichita's fault of course. Goodbye totem of wrath (spell hit cap 103 to 104 with that) hello. . . well nothing, for me anyway. The shoulders will let me switch out Ashyen's Gift and Sethekk Oracle Cloak for Brute Cloak of the Ogre-Magi and Spectral Band of Innervation and be hit capped.

Heroes Inc is finally moving to make 25 mans our focus. Kara is no longer scheduled, we did Gruul's last week. I tanked the Shaman, which isn't real fun. He has a knockback which reduces aggro, I can keep backing up to avoid it, but he start doing that to melee near me. his attacks also slow my cast time, which makes Laser chickens sad. Here are the stats, before this I was wondering if I should stick to healing until my gear improves a bit more, looks like I should be fine. I'll have to video our next killing from the moonkin pov. We had 3 people drop after HKM and no one in guild was willing to help so we called it after clearing to Gruul.

We will be trying Mag next week. We should have enough I think I'll going tree on this one as 9 healers are what is recommended. I'd love to finish up the quest line to kill him before Monday but it's not likely, I still need heroic sv and heroic arc. Looking at his loot table it appears I'm going for conquest, glory and the repair bill. Tier 4 is has spell hit my chest piece doesn't but I wouldn't roll on it.

Za has gone well, last week we got the first two timed events. I got
Robes of Heavenly Purpose off the bear boss. We downed the first three bosses on our first night. Night two was repair bill night, the trash to the dragonhawk boss sucks. We got in 4 or 5 attempts on the him, I was not good. There is a lot going on in this fight, we should have him next time though, I think would have got him if we got another attempt in.

I just got the Ogrila dalies on Homerjay so in comes the gold. I have spent some of it, I got a
Badge of Tenacity and respecced elixirs with Homerjay from transmute. I haven't played my hunter because I haven't had time. That enough for now.

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