Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Badges and stuff

Well, I had great fortune of getting some kara done last night. I still seek a few drops in there, however badges are my mission. Got 11 last night uping my total to 38, should get 5 from za tonight. Hopefully Elunite Imbued Leggings will be in the chest and someone lives to unlock it. Kinda of depressing the drop I want is off the first timed event. Better than the second one for sure, but one screw up and I don't even have a chance. No rep to be gotten, just a few badges. I do love the timed event though, it's fun challenge. Unlike the Dragonhawk boss trash which is an annoying challenge.

The Kara run went well, I topped 1000 dps on a boss fight for the first time. I scored 9745 wrath on Curator. Thanks to his evocation, stormstrike and a damage trinket. I forgot my consumables. Not that they are needed for this, we killed Curator in less than 5 minutes with 9, 5 dpsers. Nothing exciting dropped and I QQed, sometimes I can't keep my loot bitterness to myself. No one wants to hear me whine, I guess that explains why not many read this.

I have looking at the badges stuff, current and 2.4 stuff. I need 393 (for raid dps) and I'll be good. I mentioned in my last post I didn't think tier 4 chest would be much of an upgrade, I was wrong. If I socketed it to add just 8 spell hit I could drop the
Scryer's Bloodgem which I would replace with Icon of the Silver Crescent though I would need to get badges for that.

So. . .

Pauldrons of Tribal Fury 22 more badges

Idol of the Unseen Moon 20 badges (to be unnerfed in 2.4)

And then if I have tier 4 I would go with

Icon of the Silver Crescent 41 badges

Otherwise I would go with

Moon-walkers 60 badges

At this point 2.4 should be about out, then I''ll need

Barbed Gloves of the Sage 75 badges

Sunwell Badge Loot - Caster Ring 60 badges (love the name)

Then I would still need

Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector 35 badges

Embrace of Starlight 100 badges

So a long story short, geared resto/balance druid lfg kara, and the bear boss. Actually how about I get 4 pieces of Tier 5 for the sweet set bonus, either way.

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Honors Code said...

Good luck on gearing up your Boomkin. The RNG can be a cruel mistress sometimes.