Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2.4 has Arrived

The patch everyone who wasn't getting nerfed was waiting for has arrived. Good news for me is my mods should be updated by the time I come back. The bad news is druids were beaten down with the nerf stick. I found most of Blizzard's attempts to "fix" druids to be sloppy and poorly thought out. I'm fine with speed bonus being removed from the arena gear, and cyclone range to an extent. There should be a balance talent that puts the range back where it was (out of reach of restos). The problem with resto druids in small arenas is their utility. The use feral and balance spells/abilities are what make them "over powered". So nerf a balance spell, that'll fix resto druids. It shows how little they know their own product. The company has also demonstrated over the time I have played the game that certain customers (that's what players are) are less important than others. Not enough of there player base are balance druids so they don't worry about pissing them off. I have received the message loud and clear from Blizzard that they don't care if I'm happy.

I have never dealt with a company as a consumer who makes it so obvious that they don't care if certain customers are happy. They'd prefer that they were, but time and effort to ensure that they are isn't worth it. A player posted in the wow general forums about moonkin issues, here is the link. What I get out of the "blue's" post is give us more money and we will look at fixing it. They are aware of the problem with a product that people are paying $15 a month for and say they're busy on working on an expansion (that is not free) and can't fix current problems. Unbelievable.

After I say all that I'm going to talk about me coming back a week or so from Friday. I have a level 29 shaman on Aos and will start leveling at once. I figure having the toon on the server will give me the chance to keep the toon near my money supply and give me chance to do some Kara badge runs here before I transfer. Not to take someones spot or gear that would benefit Heroes Inc. I'm not going to pretend that I'm gearing for the guild, the ship has sailed on me being able to help the guild much anyway. If any gear were to drop that would benefit a raider from the guild I would pass, I want to see them succeed. I do hope I can get Lakini in on some late night ZA runs (one can dream) I'd love to see that place cleared. That's all

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