Thursday, March 20, 2008

What to do next?

I shall be returning in a 2 weeks or so, what to do when I do is the question. I have kind of ruled out transferring, risk is too high for me. $50 to move to another server that may or may not work out and have no ability to play with my current guild with a level 70. I can still do some later 10 mans and arena with my friends, which is important to me. So re rolling I will go.

I will be going alliance again and a shaman will be my main. I want to roll on a PVE server and alliance is the way to go for raiding on such servers. Also shaman is the least played alliance class so there will be plenty of demand for my services. Anvilmar looks to by my first choice, Illidan has been downed on the server and there are a lot guilds in ssc/tk which is where I'm looking to land. My original server is pretty progressed as well, but time zone issues would probably hurt me. The advantage would be I have some gold and a 52 druid on there. I would still level the shaman just have some gold to do so.

My plan is to have three 70's, shaman, hunter and one other. I'll someday transfer my hunter from aos, his purpose was to farm mats and I won't need that for arenas, bg's and limited pve. I'm thinking lock for my other, but I have trouble doing so. I don't like horde because of the whole undead thing. I played Warcraft 3 then this, undead being playable in WOW made no sense to me. Tauren and undead friends? I don't get it. I also don't like the idea of running around with a demon and such. Warlock is the best choice though, this is an alch/herb alt. Having such killing power would be nice, plus I could use this as a pvp alt. My other thought is a mage, I could aoe a bunch of crap.

For professions with my shaman I'm not sure. I'll start with mining and enchanting, what to do after mining I haven't decided. Engineering or jewel crafting are my thoughts. Leatherworking would be nice for my elemental set, leveling it is less than fun however.

On another note Heroes first 25 man since my departure was canceled. 11 people online at start time ftl. I just don't think people in the guild are motivated to do 25 mans, they'd rather level there 5th 70 and get them keyed for karazhan. I hate that place, mainly because so many folks refuse to move past it. Having purples on their alts > progression, I guess. That's all

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