Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finishing up Arenas and the Future

Well, as my final task before my break I headed into the arenas. 4-8 we went, not good. Mistakes coast us a couple of games and my new spec won us one. I went 13/11/37 for this round, going for Insect swarm, and natures reach, click my armory to see the full details. We went 3-3 in our first 6, playing 3 teams going 1-1 against each team. One of these was won after Ferth and Sameth died and 2 of them were still up. A rouge and disc priest both at about 30% health, I was still full. The preist was oom and ran away to drink, while rogue did his worst. My counter was to moonfire and insect swarm him down. Success, then I chased around the helpless priest and did the same to him. Our last victory against a rogue, warrior and druid, a terrible match up for us. Unless the rogue and warrior focus Ferth while Sameth heals and I mess with the druid, idiots.

I've come the conclusion that I'm done raiding or doing much else with my guild Heroes Inc, which is sad. I rerolled off my original server with Ferth, Sameth, and some people I don't care to see again. I have made some great friends and invested a lot into trying to the help the guild the best I can. Guild events start at 6:00 or 6:30pm local time, my children go to bed about an hour after that, that doesn't work. Trying to make it work has sucked for a while, but leaving my guild isn't something I want to do. For any complaints I have, there is no other group of people I'd rather play this game with, but I can't anymore.

What to do next, I don't know. I won't return to WOW for around 3 weeks. I can't come up with a solution that I'm real happy with. No guild on this server that I know of raids or does much else at 11:00pm server time (primetime for me). If a guild does they aren't good enough for me to notice. So, transfer or reroll. Lakini isn't going anywhere Homerjay isn't going to follow. Must my have herb/alch with me and cook for that matter. I could try to find a home for Homerjay on another server, he doesn't need Lakini and I can do arenas and pvp and such without Homer's professions. I'm not real confident in my rogue skills or think it'll be easy to find a raid spot out there. I could have several guilds lusting after me if said resto druid looking for guildin the guild recruitment forums. +1714 healing, 9500 mana, 164 mp5 and I'm a tree, people love that. Moving both would mean zero 70's on Altar of Storms meaning unless folks need a level 50 hunter there ain't much I can do there. I don't want to spend $50 either.

I could reroll, find a guild missing something that is hard to find and roll one those. It wouldn't take me long to level, but I wouldn't be level 70 in in two weeks or anything like that. My thoughts on what I would roll would be shaman or paladin. Two of the three least played classes, druid being the other. As far the shaman I would go either resto or elemental, both look appealing and are in demand. Paladin would have to be prot, (lol ret) I don't want to be a holy pally, no two button healing here. Prot paladins are rare and aoe tank like no one else. I can't find a real good solution other than Heroes inc pushing their raids and pvp nights back two hours. that's all

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Honors Code said...

I wish you the best of luck. It was the very same kind of time issues that brought me to AoS in the first place.

Your best bet is Shaman. Prot Paladins are not nearly as rare as they once were, although good and geared ones are still a bit rare.