Friday, March 14, 2008

Into the Eye and away from WOW

Heroes inc entered a Tier 5 raid for the first time. I even had my Deadly Boss Mod off for this place, I had never needed it before. I was surprised no Shatar rep was to be had. Clear normal Mech and pick up some good rep, clear this place, nothing.

It went as you would think a first time into a raid would go, much pain. The trash isn't real fun and learning it isn't real fun. We wiped a few times on the pulls with a bunch of birds, they enjoyed knocking people into other groups of mobs. Then we fought some big mana burning birds, though they weren't much trouble. It took about a while to clear to Reaver so I knew we wouldn't have too many attempts on him. That's something I have noticed about first runs into new places, you lose a lot of time learning the trash so you don't have as much time for the boss.

We got 4 attempts on him I think. It would have been nice to have a resto shaman to chain heal. It also would have been nice to have people not trying to have their orb explode next to me. My mic was down so my ability to point out poor positioning was not there. The first attempt I died from the orbs without being targeted. The plan was to run back to get away from the orbs, many people must have been singing some 80's music to themselves when that was mentioned. They ran to the side so I had to run away too. Before the fight we were spaced well in general, then people would bunch up as the fight went on. On our last attempt when someone picked there position 15 yards in front of me, I knew we were screwed. He could run an orb to the side towards others or back directly at me. I tried yelling at my computer "Get away from me"and "Why are you doing that?" it didn't help. I'm confident he will die next we go in, assuming our casters do a better job of spreading out.

On another note I'm taking a break from WOW, I'm not 100% sure how long or even 56.2% for that matter. As you can see I'm bitter, and burned out. Though I'm always bitter when my mic doesn't work. The week where I did Gruul, ZA twice, then a full kara started me thinking this way. The day I didn't raid that week I worked, had a job interview, and a concert in Anaheim (day started at 4:00am, no sleep till 2:00am the next day). I'm still going update the blog during break time, I have some arenas to go over among other things. There is some stuff like Balance theorycraft and such I don't get around to because I don't have time that I'll throw in. That's all

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