Monday, April 21, 2008

An account of various events since my last post

Let's see, Thursday I got in part of ZA clean up run, which was a kill Zul'jin run. The great part about ZA is the lack of trash, one pull and we were there. Zul'jin becomes all the avatars that the first four bosses had. He starts out as a one armed troll, then he turns into a bear which is simple enough, just kill him. Second he turned into a eagle which is the crappy part. Four tornadoes fly around that damage you and any spell you cast damages you. For this part I ran around and just used starfire, we wiped on this part a few times. The next part is a lynx phase, which seemed easy enough, I hear it's hard for healers. Last was the dragonhawk phase, avoid some fire columns and your set. This almost didn't work out, we had him below 3% when a column took out all of our melee dps, the last percent took around forever. Aleks (mt) died and he came after me, he had little problem killing me. A pally a hammer of something and a frost bolt finished him off.

So Heroes Inc has finished off ZA, I think the right 10 of us are is good as any, 25 is a different story. Zul'jin dropped things and a quest item that's worth ten badges, which I didn't win. I still have the Hex Lord to kill which hopefully will happen on Wednesday. The run only took about 40 minutes, I was able to convince 4 other people to do a heroic mt run. It was a simple enough run, I got Timbal's Focusing Crystal and Eversong Cuffs.

Friday I got home late from work I logged on and did my transmute, later I got a tell about finshing a Kara run. Five bosses were still up, which would mean 10 badges so I was in. It moved a bit slower than I'm used to, we had more than one with less than stellar gear. I know these guys aren't ever going to leave the guild so I'm happy to see them gear up. We finished every boss up but Prince, bad luck on the infernals of course. We went through phase 2 fine both times. On our first attempt an infernal dropped and we were trapped, he was at 15% or so. Our second attempt I didn't notice the first infernal and it landed during enfeeable and we lost a couple so I started healing. At some point during phase 3 and infernal dropped on us and I told the ranged to move to the right, the tank took that as he was supposed to move to his right, he ran out of our range and died.

Seven more badges for Lakini, which gives me 19. The anvil being completed on Sunday didn't mean much for me. Though it looks like I've found a use for Homer's badges, he still has 35. Epic gems will be for sale soon enough and they won't be bop (as I'm told) so I can by the gem and have them cut for Lakini, which will be nice as I won't have any spare badges on Lakini for such things.

Not much else happed over the weekend, mostly some daily quests, I'm currently at 1400 gold. Now if the engineering helm or mana pot injector would be on the ah I could spend some of it Got the hunter to level 51, I'd really like to get him into Outland for some mining and skinning but that's still a bit off. Av is a nightmare and I haven't found a good spot for questing yet. That's all.

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