Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The End

Lakini's Burning Crusade pvp/arena career is over. I hate pvp at this point, I have zero desire to enter the arena and little motivation to go into a battleground. The unhappiness started long ago, it's a long and boring tale of how Blizzard pissed me off and continues to do so.

Picture it, Azeroth late November or early December of 2006, pre bc Lakini was all about pvp. The only raid Heroes Inc was doing was Ubrs, which lacked excitement and gear that I could use. Back in those times moonkin gear didn't exist basically. I was looking to get the full blue pvp set which was about as good as it got for me. I was really close to rank 10, which got you the shoulders and helm and close to exalted with ab for a decent weapon.

Meanwhile it had been announced on the general forums that a "dead week" was going to happen where basically the honor you got would improve your rank but you couldn't use your rank to get new gear. I, to this point in my wow career, had never once read the general forums. So this wasn't concern of mine.

The last week that you could improve your rank and have it matter was ab weekend, so I was doing both ab and av, you got bonus rep on the weekend and I was still pushing rank 10. I figured if just did Av I would get rank 10, but I wanted to max my ab rep so I didn't push for the last few percent.

The day the honor was calculated I was 95% into rank 9, 39th on the server (38th was rank 10) meaning I needed just 5% more to hit the last rank I was shooting for, in my first ab of the day I saw people in bg chat were talking of the dead week. I discovered the general forums, and Blizzard's response to the "we're pissed that we can't have the gear" and "why didn't you tell us earlier", was you should have known. Yes, I should have been checking the wow general forums just in case they were going to make my 5 weeks of honor grinding a waste. If had known that was going to happen I would had easily gotten the rank I needed, with another week, I would have gotten exalted with ab.

I considered quitting the game over it. I have never really worn my pvp rank because seeing "Knight-Champion" over my head still pisses me off, soon it won't say "Challenger" over my head either. Pvp which had been my focus the entire time I had played wow, wasn't so interesting anymore. When I hit level 69 I started doing Av to get started on some pvp gear to do the arenas. I started out doing 2 vs 2, this being season one queue times weren't 10 minutes yet. It was fun, I later joined a 5 vs 5 and formed my own 3 vs 3. It was a season full of losing while we got geared up but it was fun.

As my daughter's grip on my schedule tightened I had skip some guild events and pvp night always lost. I could do warsong gulch for 15,735 time (and get owned by pugs) or go to Karazhan for the 5th time, pretty easy choice. Blizzard did very little to improve battlegrounds, they made them worse lately. Pve = new content, battlegrounds = old needs to be fixed content.

Season 2 was good though, we had enough gear to do well. The 2 vs 2 team died, the leader quit the game and the other guy was/is an emo jerk so that didn't last long. I stepped down from the 5 vs 5 because of scheduling and 3 vs 3 was it. I have posts about our adventures from a while back.

Season 3 I decided to go resto for arenas, horrible idea. I HATE arenas as a resto druid, running around casting hots and trying not to die isn't fun, not even a little. I haven't been able to do group pvp in a while due to my schedule, and my 3 vs 3 which I used to do during my kids nap time cannot be done at that time anymore because the weather is nicer. I don't fully understand why that prohibits one from doing 10 arena games once a week, but that's 100 gold a week I'll be keeping.

The new details on season 4 were the nail in the coffin, rating requirements on most of the gear, please increase the gap between the top teams and everyone else, so that the teenage kids with no life can feel "special" because they have gear others can't get. Great idea, perhaps the greatest of all time. Every week is a "dead week" for pvp in my world now. So if you are wondering if I want to the daily battleground, I don't, that's all.

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