Monday, April 28, 2008

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Well, much has happened since I last posted. First off, I am now officially bitter that I haven't gotten Elunite Imbued Leggings. It's the only moonkin drop attainable for me and I've been running ZA since 2.3 has come out and of course they haven't dropped. There QQing out of the way.

Wednesday brought my first ZA run of the week. The goal being full clear which still hasn't happened, and this night was no exception. The guild sent two groups so it wasn't shocking, we lacked cc in our group, but we went bear first anyway. A couple of pulls in the bear trash are quite tough without a mage. I think we wiped once and something else bad happened, here are the stats. The bear was at 15% when the timer was up, I wonder who kills the guy while the bear is dealing with us, probably a gm. The eagle and lynx were cake and the eagle dropped something someone wanted which is nice. The dragonhawk, my least favorite boss ever, took a few attempts. Doing aoe damage on the birds is like asking to die, it's really hard to keep someone with flame debuffs and 4 birds hitting them up. He died and we took his shoes and gave em to a warlock. We didn't have a shadow priest, that gave me many mana problems, I cried (on the inside).

Thursday I did heroic mt, and nabbed Vial of the Sunwell for healing and Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer for my feral set. Friday I was able snag a spot in another Za group and for the first time in quite a while was a tree. Here are the stats. Despite many failings we got the first timed event, which had something no one wanted in it. We moved to the Eagle trash, and I got disconnected right before the boss. They had to wait to for me and we didn't down him in time. Sucks that it was my fault, I didn't have any control over it, but still. The Lynx was killed without anything exciting happening. Right before we got to the Dragonhawk Ferth took an afk, Sameth came to the mic and let us know he wasn't coming back. He was replaced with a ret paladin alt. Now I'm sure your thinking why would you take one of those. I don't know:P We one shot him though, which was really nice. I still died, I don't remember how, he was at 5% maybe, someday I'll survive this fight. He dropped Wub's Cursed Hexblade, which was a nice upgrade for Brambles who has similar luck to me when it comes to drops so it was nice to see him get something.

We had time for the Hex Lord who has 7 badges for me. First attempt my dogs pwned my internet connection. As I reconnected i could hear people mentioning I was offline and the mob I ccing was killing them. For those who don't know Hex Lord has four adds with him, dragonkin, demon, humanoid and undead. So I hibernate the dragon, one of the priests shackled the undead, Brambles sheeped the humanoid and the dps killed the demon quickly. Hex Lord has some shadow aoe ability that does about 9k damage to everyone in the raid at some interval I didn't notice. He also takes someones abilities uses them against us. Second attempt we had him to 2% Sylvara our rogue with a bad internet connection dced, we would have had him. The last two attempts there was an issue with cc targets pwing the group and we had to call it.

Saturday I did some guild pvp, which I don't hate. My pvp hate is mostly my fault for trying resto, my gear is a mess and I don't like battlegrounds enough to fix it. We won both matches I was in. I had to log for a while and when I came back the at heroic mt group was forming (without me) and folks were finishing up pvp night. I saw that Slave Pens was the heroic of the day, still having to turn in the quest for killing Nightbane and Gruul, I decided to try to start a group. Starting a group is something I try to avoid doing, it almost never works out. No tank wanted to go, as usual. So I went ahead and respecced feral for the run.

I haven't tanked a five man in a long time and never a heroic. I knew gear was fine for heroic sp, but trying to tank 2 or 3 mobs and not lose aggro to healers was my concern. We took two healers and a mage which makes the instance pretty easy. I didn't have any issue tanking multiple mobs even those defenders. I used swipe and mangled the dps target whenever it was up. We had one wipe where a totem did a four pull and I didn't have my multi target taunt on my bar. I got my 5 badges my 49 gold for quests and a nether. I got use the gear I spent hundreds of gold and 45 badges on as well.

Let's see I got the Schematic: Mana Potion Injector of the ah, now 80 mana pots fit in 4 slots, beautiful. Hunter to level 53 and I'm working on getting his mining up to par for getting thorium, Felwood has been great for leveling, I love leveling this guy. Lastly props to my guild mates Wichita, Danath, Sylvara, Blackhaus (these four on 5 man team), Zadorr and Natano (these on a 2 man) for hitting 1850 in the arenas. That's all.

I wish I knew why when I color links with the same purple one looks different, it must be great coding.

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