Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boring. . .

Well, it looks to be 4 nights of alting or not playing in a row for me. Sunday I was on and saw no chance of getting a group. Monday I logged on hoping to snatch one of the last spots for ssc but the raid was called, a few heroics were ran, but timing prevented me from joining. Last night was a night off and tonight is a ZA run that I'm not going to be in. I don't mind taking a turn out of a raid, but that means pve groups will be unavailable.

I did this to myself I really, I don't find anything other heroics/raiding to be fun. Anything else I do is to prepare for raiding. The dalies, leveling a mining/skinning alt are fun, but if I can't do any raiding, then it's pointless. I do dalies to pay for raiding costs, no raid no reason to have gold. I'm leveling my hunter alt for gathering mats for raiding and that I can't gather right now. I do enjoy the hunter, but not every night I play.

Speaking of boring I was messing around with a moonkin dps spreadsheet. I found that adding an elemental shaman's totem adds more to my dps than getting every za/badge upgrade I can get. I'll post more info when I complete more research, which I should have plenty of time for tonight. That's all.

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