Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gearing up

Well, now that I'm back in the swing of things, my thoughts turn to gearing up. I'm now 1050 or so spell damage unbuffed, I'm still trying to figure out the spell haste thing. I use a insect swarm, moonfire, 3 starfire rotation. I use a macro for insect swarm that as it casts it equips my Idol of the Unseen Moon, then moonfire, in hopes to get the proc, then I use a macro that casts starfire and equips the Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess, since it calculates the damage at the end of the cast I get the 55 spell damage and all 3 casts. The problem is that insect swarm runs out before my last starfire is cast. So the goal would be to get enough spell haste that my dots will be up through the entire cast cycle. The other thought is that a crit procs natures grace which reduces the cast time of my next spell by half a second. I have two cloaks one gives my 25 spell haste the other 23 spell crit, which is better I don't know yet. Spell haste is 1 to 1 with spell damage over 1078 spell damage which I am buffed, but that on a straight starfire spam, which I don't use, more research is needed to find out how much spell haste I want to get.

My next 60 badges will by getting the Fused Nethergon Band. That with a veiled noble topaz in my shoulders will allow me to replace my Scryer's Bloodgem. I'm hoping to get either Hex Shrunken Head or Timbal's Focusing Crystal to go with my icon you put me near or over 1100 spell damage. After that the Moon-walkers are next, 60 more badges. Then I'm not sure, the new moonkin badge gear is less than great, they over itemized spirit on it. I have no mana regen issues so adding mana regen isn't going to help my dps much. Though Barbed Gloves of the Sage are a nice improvement over tier 4 and are probably the way to go.

I unsigned up from ssc this week, I have been able to swing one "early raid" with no issue. So I'm going Za instead I like them both but If I have to choose I need to do the raid where I can actually improve my toon. I don't raid for loot, but if I can only do one choosing the one I don't need any gear from every time isn't a good choice. I'll still sign up for 25 mans as well, I really enjoy them, but doing Hex Lord for the first time (for me, not the guild) > Hydross for the first time. That's all.

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Honors Code said...

I don't think you are going to be a big fan of the Hydross fight.
Unless I'm wrong, you will only be able to DPS him and the adds during his Frost phase. While he's in Nature Form he's immune to Nature damage and I believe many of your spells (all?) are Nature damage.