Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Killing Lurker

Well, Heroes Inc can kill a Tier 5 boss. It takes around 16 minutes, but it can be done. Here are the stats. We got him on our 6th attempt, the main problem was Aleks getting owned, parry = death. I nearly had to get violent to get the locks to put up their debuff curses. One lock used shadows on every attempt, despite it being said and typed over and over again we needed weakness, elements and shadows, the other locks preferred agony and doom. This is an issue every time we raid, I have no idea why. Sadly my video stopped recording because my hard drive was full. By full it meant only has 4 gigs left.

Enough complaining, it was a lot of fun to get in on a raid and see tier 5 boss die. I did ok, I had trouble getting back on the stupid island. The last time I went I had zero issues, I had many this time. I was sure the last attempt would be a kill because I always die or screw up on progression kills, Krawl was dead most of the time, also a good sign. I got hit with spout but didn't die, I kept myself healed as I swam back. I didn't have any issue with finding Findre for a battle rez, which was nice. One innervate and one mana potion in 16 minutes makes me happy as well. I did die twice on the trash, I saw I had blessing of light instead of salvation, I didn't say anything, until it got me killed. The other time I died one of pallys was supposed to put bof on Ferth, but picked me instead, sadly that removed salv and then I crit for 5000 or so, then I died.

As far as loot goes this didn't work out well. Dlow grabbed a libram of some sort (not a good one), one piece was turned into void crystals and some leather dps boots went to a resto druid. That won't help too much, but the important thing is Lurker died and I didn't. That's all


Honors Code said...

Blizzard put a stat in the game to help with parry death, it's called Expertise. Tell Aleks to start getting some!

One of the BEST tanking weapons drops off of Lurker so keep killing him!

Have Aleks start reading Tankspot.com, it's an absolutely incredible resource for tanks!.

Lakini said...

Rogues and pets were getting parried was the problem there, not that Aleks couldn't use a bit more expertise