Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My return

I reappeared last Wednesday night, I saw there were low sign ups for gruul's and thought they might be 23 or 24 manning it. They filled the raid with two level 69's so no spot for me, I went to the sunwell zone to check it out and I think I did one quest and was done for the night.

Thursday I logged on hoping to get to try magister's terrace. No chance, it's been out for a week and if you don't have a heroic key in Heroes Inc, good luck. I don't think I'll get my key honestly, finding four people who want to do this or are willing with a tank in guild isn't going to happen. I was able to join a regular steamvaults group, needing nothing for either of my toons there so I brought my rogue who isn't exaulted with Ce.

Friday and Saturday I didn't log in due to work and out of town issues. Sunday I was around enough to do some daily quests and grab some herbs.

Monday I logged after work to do my transmute and got asked if I wanted to do SSC, which of course I do. I said I needed some time, but would like to go. I got a summon, put myself on follow, went moonkin and took off my gear (if I die while afk my gear isn't damaged). I was able to get my kids ready for bed and starting dpsing on the last few pulls of trash.

Lurker was our target, I love this fight. I haven't had that much fun in a while on this game. Now we didn't kill him, but we did well considering some of our less than stellar dps. We took 3 or 4 who I wouldn't consider ready for kara. The healers and tanks gear was good enough to make up for it but the length of time needed to dps him meant too many chances for something to go wrong. We had him to 27% or so and Aleks got crushed and died, a mistake. If our dps was geared for ssc he would have been dead already. Other wipes were caused by people getting killed by spout, he was doing it maybe 10 times during an attempt. Here are the stats, I was really pleased with how I did. Most of my mods being broken I didn't have dps meters or threat meters, so I had no idea how effective I was being dpswise. I hit my 6000 plus starfire, and was able sustain my dps for a 9 minute attempt with plenty of mana. The fight is pretty easy for me, Being on the island makes spout a non issue and I can cast in the water as spout goes by. I would have loved to have elemental shaman in my group to push the + damage over 1300, we don't have those.

After the raid I tried to get a mt group, I should have known better. I did some dalies and went bed. So far I'd say other than the ssc run coming back has sucked. I decided against transferring because I didn't want to leave my guild. It still says Heroes Inc under my name, but I might as well have left the guild. Getting in to the raid I did was a miracle that won't be repeated and getting a group for something that would benefit me is impossible. At least I have some green text on my screen. I have done some research on transferring, finding a guild that is a fit is probably impossible. No one does anything that starts at 8:00pm pacific time. Why the world needs 1,526,858 guilds that raid at 6 pacific and 27 that raid 8 I have no idea.

I'm pissed off at the moment, this is where I think out loud. One reading this may think I hate my guild or something like that, I'm just venting. In the next couple of days I may find some groups or find a raid that I could make. If things continue as they are however I'll probably just quit and never return. I would love to stay with Heroes Inc and do the guild events, I just can't. Such is life.


Honors Code said...

Sorry to hear you are having issues with scheduling.

Don't be shy about whispering me if you are looking for a group for MgT. MK doesn't do much over the weekend, so I'm usually doing dailies or on my Hunter (Honorshummer).

Saturday night we are thinking about checking out Mt. Hyjal again. We were little short and got to PuG a couple of Heroes last week.

Not to try to ninja you from Heroes (though it sounds like you've got one foot out the door anyway), but one thing MK needs from time to time is late night replacements. Sometimes we have people that need to leave the raid and we need replace them.

If you are interested, I'd suggest looking up a toon named Luminati (priest). He also has a Hunter alt (LumiandPet). I think Lumi has a schedule similar to yours.

I can't promise you'd get raid spots, or anything, but I think you'd have a chance.

Also, with MK being a little bit bigger than Heroes we have groups that form on the fly for just about everything (except 25 mans). Although getting an MgT run seems to be a challenge.

I hope things work out for you whatever you decide to do.

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