Monday, April 14, 2008

The week that was

I'll start off by saying I'm going to stay on aos. At the end of my last post I said I could change my mind, such wisdom.

Wednesday I I did regular mt with Sylvara (guildy) and 3 noobs (pugs). The pug rogue was in all greens and was 0/0/61 specced, a lot of thought into that spec, his dps was quite bad. The warrior tank never picked up mobs after sap wore off, my gear broke and we called it after the 3rd boss, which means we kicked out the pugs and got some folks from guild who just finished Za. We killed Kael and I'm now keyed for heroic mt, I may put a counter on the blog to record how long it takes for me to use it.

Thursday I got an invite for a guild Za pug. Here are the stats. My dps made me sad, my main problem was wrath not casting when I told it to, lag and idol swapping are my suspects. My trash dps was bad but I did okay on the bosses. We started with the Eagle, and then he died. The chest had Shadowcaster's Drape in it. No one else wanted it so I nabbed it. It shall sit in my bags until I find out how beneficial haste is for me and how much I need for it matter. The bear was cake and the same healing staff that's always in the second chest was there again. Next was the lynx and we one shot him, now the evil dragonhawk. Heroes Inc has downed him and the Hex lord, but I have not. We were aoe light so we had some trouble with the birds but mostly "balls" were the problem. He did die, long after I did, no healz when 8 birds attack me = death. He did drop the sweet tank shield, I got Icon of the Silver Crescent which was on my list but I wasn't sure if I should get it next.

Now to Sunday, where I was able to just a bit of Kara and a good bit it was. I now have
Brooch of Unquenchable Fury, been working on that since our first Moroes kill in June of 07. I was only able to stay until we downed the Crone, only four badges but after some thougnt I went ahead and got the trinket. That moves me 1053 spell damage unbuffed I'll make some long exciting post about my badges plans later this week.

So, I'm staying on the server and I have to go now.

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