Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gruul's and death

Last weekend was uneventful after ZA, I worked on my new gaming keypad and setting up my toons and such. It had been proposed that we try to finish up ZA from the night before on Staurday, the would be tank didn't want to and started a heroic group instead, which meant questing in wpl for Jøsiah.

On Monday, I thought I would sign up for that night's Gruul/mag run, that was stupid. Sometimes I forget why I don't raid at certain times on certain days, I remember why I don't raid on Mondays at 9:00pm server now. We only had 1 warlock so we weren't going to do Mag no matter what happened (except a bunch of locks logging on and asking into the raid). It still took 2+ hours.

The good news on the run was I had an elemental shaman, a shadow preist and bm hunter in my group, wonderful group buffs. I could only drop my spell hit to 126, I'd like 104 when I this set up. I was able to hit a 7304 starfire, I would have loved to see what buffs I had at the moment and what my spell damage was right then. No chain jugging mana potions was nice as well.

We wiped three times on Hkm (I think), which we haven't wiped on in a couple of months. Wichita hasn't uploaded the combat log so as far dps and how many wipes I have to go off my dps meters and my memory. My meters had me top dps on the kill, which would be impressive considering I died and was battle rezzed on the fight. Kiggler knocked me back (which drops aggro) and ran after someone near me. I got him back but decided to melee me rather than cast, bad news for me.

We wiped on Gruul, many many times. We wiped two times total our last two runs. We had some of our not so great players on this run. Ranged running to the walls before ground slam wasn't working because many weren't doing it. As many times as we did the fight it was always the same folks (for the most part) dying from shatter. We had some healing coordination issues as well, but it seemed we were losing the dps race, partly because our mt was dying and we would have to battle rez him and melee would have to stop dps. The guild's main tank for such things is gone for a month on vacation, I could tell. The mt we have been using during his absense knows his class has the gear, but seems to be mistake prone. The first time he got battle rezzed in a fight he ran right back in with 3000 or so hit points and died again. One fight he was rezzed and all healers switched to heal him up and let the off tank die.

We did kill him, the raid leader had got fed up (I'm guessing) and passed the leader to our gm earlier. He had switch toons for the trash and passed leader to the mt. So when it came to the loot he was "handling it" and not well. He had folks roll on a neck piece rather than deal with the tokens first (I suggested otherwise, he didn't listen), a shaman ended up with a healing neck with spirit on it, second roll was a paladin. Two tokens dropped for paladin, shaman, rogue. The paladin ended up with one and the other would have gone to the shaman which he needed but he had already gotten the neck, so someone else ended up with them. The mage, lock, hunter token was the other. The guy who won the roll had better pants than tier 4, luckily they ended up going to other guy who rolled who was wearing a blue. I'm still amazed that people don't have any idea what they are doing with loot. How do you not know that the pants you have are better? It's not a mystery what drops of these guys, why a shaman or paladin would be rolling a priest or druid on a piece with spirit on is beyond me.

We are going back to Tk on Wednesday, downing Reaver would be pretty big for us right now, if it's a wipefest that could mean trouble. That's all.


Wichita said...

There seemed to be alot of things going wrong with HKM / Gruul that night. I wasn't so much fed up as I am just burnt out. Leading 25 mans for Heroes is taxing.

Things will change though.

Brambles said...

What gaming keypad did you get ?

Lakini said...


It has been working well for me

Brambles said...

Ooooh shiny. I use their slightly older model without all the lights. I couldn't go back if I tried, lol.