Friday, May 16, 2008

A Tale of two ZA runs

This was to be a post about ZA on Wednesday, but I didn't have time to finish it so it's about that and the run on Friday. Heroes Inc is no longer making ZA run of our two raids of the week, so Wednesday was the last one. Of course there was some drama, mostly from folks who don't go anyway. The reason is to be doing to 25 mans, which is great. People can make there own ZA groups (not that they won't fail). Friday's run was "unplanned", we even grabbed Honorshammer (from the famous blog) to use his tanking powers.

Wednesday we sent two groups I asked to be switched out of my group to the other. The group started later which I like. I did miss my chance to be in a group with an elemental shaman, but gained a shadow priest.

Our warrior tank doesn't get to tank as much so he was a bit rusty but he did fine. We moved quickly to the Bear where we wiped because he ran the boss and himself out of range of the healers. We quickly regrouped and killed him. I was a bit worried about this fight, our third healer was a new resto druid. He had never been to ZA and his healing gear needs some work but he did quite well. I have had to help heal during the bear phase. Some guy opened a chest and Elunite Imbued Leggings were in it. I'm still surprised. What didn't surprise me was that they dropped again on Friday, I predicted that they would every run I went from now on, 1 for 1 so far.

Wednesday we were able to down the Eagle before the timer as well. He dropped something he always drops that no one wanted and a nice void crystal in the chest. Lynx was also uneventful but he did drop a nice chest piece for our resto druid. I hate posting about the Eagle/Lynx bosses, they die we loot, nothing else. Friday we wiped on the Eagle, I don't remember the last time that happened, he made sure to drop nothing anyone wanted, he's always good for that. Lynx was a yawn involving nothing useful as far as drops go.

The evil Dragonhawk on the other hand always gives me material. I used aoe on the birds and survived, crazy. I had switch to heal at the end, as our resto druid was down, after two battle rezzes. He dropped the pally shield, right after our pally healer had picked up his s2 shield, he was happy. Friday he was cake, Paladin tanks make me smile. Funny reading Honor's take on the boss, he dropped Wub's Cursed Hexblade, which probably doesn't get the paladins excitied. I'd love that thing, but It only drops when people need it more than I do, so I keep passing.

The Hex Lord still has my badges. I added a /target Hex Lord to my insect swarm macro, thus no attack my cc target on accident. We had good enough crowd control, but I don't think we had the gear. Our tank wiped us once by not getting out of the consecrate, I don't remember the other mistakes. Friday's run we wiped on him maybe 6 or 7 times, nothing really sticks out on why. We bring so many classes that can heal that he seems to be healing himself a lot. He has been downed multiple times by the guild, why never when I'm there I don't know.

Two runs the same old story, 7 badges per run, stupid Hex Lord not dying. I enjoyed the change of having something I need drop, and Baconstrip may or may not have fallen asleep during raid again. Well, that's all


Wichita said...

I wasn't forceful enough on the eagle boss is why we wiped. As for the Hex-Lord we just seem to always have little things go wrong there.

Things will change though.

Bacon said...

I will admit that I was tired, but the Diet Pepsi Max I had on the Dragonhawk didn't help. I had to raid what was left of Luke's old Easter candy.

I think another reason we wiped on the Hex Lord was Bluetide queued up a Chain Lightning instead of a Chain Heal. At least it gave us all a good laugh.