Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Killing, gearing and DPS spreadsheets

The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful as planned. I have been doing some dalies (4000 gold) and leveling the hunter, just hit 56. I have been taking a more red = dead approach to leveling, so far so good, for me anyway. Some folks left the guild in the last couple of weeks to join one with that name. They don't really pvp and don't have much gear for it, good luck on the island of ganking. Anyway, every horde I have seen I have attacked and killed. My favorite was the 54 hunter who saw me on my mount with two thirds health and maybe half mana and attacked me. Fail, Bitey and I owned him, no pots needed. I couldn't kill and afk level 70 noob it seems on Lakini or Homerjay, so this is my vengeance.

Anyway, the Elitest Jerks forums have a handy dandy moonkin dps spreadsheet. Elitest Jerks is a guild doing Sunwell and their guild forums have a ton of info and many top players post their thoughts and observations there. Kind of sad for me as just about all the posters are talking about encounters I can't do and gear I shall never see, but still good stuff. I have used their spreadsheet to find what will give me the highest dps from what gear is out there, badges and things that drop off bosses we have already killed.

Here is my gear goals/wish list


If Bloodsky could kill some sunwell trash and drop Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs on the ah I'd be set. I'd like tier 5 but that's out of reach for now.


Brooch of Nature's Mercy

Loop of Cursed Bones

They are almost the same dps wise, I'd like the healing one as it would serve as both healing and dps neck as well as it would be better when I need to switch and heal.


I'd take tier 5 as I'm looking for the four piece bonus otherwise my current ones are as good as it gets.


Nothing in reach that's much of an upgrade (to my knowledge)


Nothing in reach


Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector 35 badges


Hammer of Judgement

If I can find my way into Hyjal pugs on Saturday's I'll nab this at some point


It's possible to get Chronicle of Dark Secrets in a Hyjal pug, but not likely, otherwise nothing on the horizon


I have all of pve balance idols


Handwraps of Flowing Thought

Studious Wraps 60 badges

Barbed Gloves of the Sage 75 badges

The cloth badge ones are the best if I'm hit capped and are the ones I want. If I can get the belt I want, I'll get em. I'd like to get the kara ones to remove some spell hit gems.. If I can't get the belt I want the leather badge ones are the best.


Starfire Waistband 60 Badges

Cord of Screaming Terrors

I want both of these, switching them out based on having totem of wrath. The cloth belt drops off Lurker, which may be hard to get (rolling 8 people if it drops)


Elunite Imbued Leggings


Moon-walkers 60 badges

These should be next on badge buy list, nothing out there better for me


Band of Crimson Fury

I'd like the hit to once again to remove spell hit gems, and I'd use my kara ring if I had totem of wrath. I'd rather get Mana Attuned Band, but we haven't got the second chest in a while so I'm not holding my breath here.


Hex Shrunken Head

That's only 155 more badges for what would my main set, I would need 60 more for the belt but the rest go towards gems. As the epic gems should be boe Homerjay will be finding his way back into Kara for some badge runs. Maybe I can get rid of that stupid belt I have on him.

The spreadsheet thinks I should be doing be doing 1176.6 dps with my gear, group buffs (25 man), consumables and dps rotation. The fights I do all have factors that lower my dps that I haven't found away to account for on the spreadsheet. I thought this thing was way off until last week. The Winterchill fight is a stand the nuke fight (unless the ground is red under your feet) and without a flask o food I was doing 1000+ dps before not having salv caught up with me. Must try that again

Finally, to combat noob gearing I submitted the following challenge on our guild forums.

"First off, spell penetration is evil. It's slighty better than attack power for casters in pve. Many casters as they hit 70 fall victim to the trap of socketing this horrid stat. Blue sockets filled with evil rather than spell damage and stamina because it's cheaper, it's costs less money to fasten cardboard to the bottom for your feet rather than buy shoes too.

Anyway, the first person to me find me someone on the us or eu armory that has a piece of Sunwell loot and has a spell penetration gem in their gear and will pay you hundred gold, I haven't checked, I don't need to. It's like looking for pro football players who wear slacks while they play. Spell penetration to cloak is an enchant and does increase dps on certain trash, and the only caster alternative (much better enchant) is 2% less threat, this doesn't count.

Also no cheating (having someone you know in sunwell socket it) and please no they're hardcore we are not, stacking the correct raid stats isn't hardcore. Also it is a somewhat useful pvp stat so it doesn't count if it's in pvp gear."

No takers so far, that's all.

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