Monday, May 12, 2008

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Wednesday I was a maybe for SSC, raiding on Monday had worn me out pretty good. Something about raiding till 9pm then trying to go to bed and get up at 3:45am the next day that doesn't work well for me. It turned into a gruul's/mag run (stats), we didn't have enough people at start for ssc. My hunter buddy and I tank Kiggler again, he stayed right by me this time. He was a one shot, he dropped some stuff I forgot about. Gruul was a two shot, he dropped Dragonspine Trophy for the scond time in 3 days, people love that thing.

We had resto druid who wanted to roll on the tier 4 pants, I almost fell out of my chair. The day before she linked her Grovewalker's Leggings, she had them socketed and the golden spell thread on them. She wanted them for healing, I guess she thought tier 4 was better, not so much. I mentioned that was a pretty bad plan and she passed. Only one person ended up wanting them (not me) hopefully I can start grabbing those tier pieces for tanking soon, to help with the we can't find a tank for this or that problem.

Next was Mag who was a 3 shot, I got to click again. Our caster dps is the weakspot of our raiding efforts. I've been number one the group every boss kill I have survived that I can remember for 25 mans. I'm not as great at 10 mans I as I don't get a shadow priest and curse shadows going on. Clicking and being quite far from Mag didn't stop me form out dpsing the others (though two of other best caster dps were clicking as well). I lost the roll for mag's noggin again and epic gems, but I picked 8 badges for the second time in 2 nights.

Thursday I got an invite for a heroic as I was just ready to play (my dream come true). Heroic Mech was the destination, our resto shaman Bluetide was specced elemental, I was happy. The last heroic I ran with him he was enhance, so he's got some full bags no doubt. We gave the place a good kick in the rear end and picked up four more badges. After we finished I was talking to Pagan a man of many 70's in our guild who had been on the run. His main is an affliction lock who he uses for pve. I asked him if had tried destro as we don't have any and they do massive damage. So he's going to give it a shot, if he gets it down he should bring a big boost to caster dps, which I mentioned before needs help.

Friday we did za (stats). We weren't able to get the second timed event because of screwing up. We cleared the trash to the bear really quickly, but our bear form tank died do to silence issues, I rezzed him but our other tank ran away and got himself killed, thinking we were going to wipe. We quickly reset and were able to kill him. I put all of my hots on as bear form phase started on this attempt to ensure the safety of our tank. The chest didn't have my pants, which suprised no one.

We wiped on the eagle trash as out bird tank pulled the next group of elities on accident thus ending the run at the second chest. Eagle was an easy one shot and he dropped a void crystal. I did almost 850 dps on him, which made me smile. Bluetide went as elemental, sadly my gearing path has minimized the greatness of his totem of wrath, taking off as much spell hit as I could (without losing dps) I'm 3% over the cap with his totem. I'm planning on having a set I use with the totem and without, my gearing plans will be reviewed tomorrow if I find the time.

Lynx was a one shot, he dropped the Avalanche Leggings which both shaman in the raid already had, neither are normally elemental. He did have badges though. The dragon hawk, who I hate was next. Four attempts on him, I didn't aoe, which I normally do. We had 2 mages and I was burning through mana pretty quickly anyway, I used 17 mana pots that night. I survived the fight and did the most damage to him. To spite me he dropped Helm of Natural Regeneration which isn't as good as Wonderheal XT40 Shades which I have.

The Hex Lord still has those 7 badges I've been looking to get from him. I was the cause of wipe number 2. I had just cast hibernate on the dragon fellow I was ccing, when the Hex Lord started his shadow volley. During this part of the fight you cant really cast anything that isn't instant because of the damage slowing your cast time. So I just cast hots and myslef to negate the damage. So after it was over I started back up my dps rotation, which pissed of the dragon since I still had him targeted, we all died. Seven badges is good though.

Saturday, I logged after putting my daughter to bed for some guild pvp. I got a whisper asking if I wanted to go to Hyjal, Hyjal > pvp. I was soon summoned to the raid, a Mal Katai pug. Three other Heroes and some others puggers were there, my old buddy Honor's of course. The goal was to kill trash for epics and rep and hopefully down Rage Winterchill. Now I had read about this fight once long ago, so I wasn't really prepared, I didn't use a flask for this just wizard oil. We were there long enough for me to hit friendly (which is useless) and grab Pattern: Swiftstrike Bracers. I should be making a couple of those for some buddies of mine. There was this one ret pally from another guild, horribly annoying. She wouldn't shut up, she would roll on an tanking cloak, of course a hunter won a fist weapon designed for melee, if had been a rogue I would have rerolled and camped his body for the rest of his life. Our last attempt we got Winterchill to 50%, I was actually second on my dps meters to destro lock on the attempt. I was number 1 but didn't have salv so I had stop casting 3 times to stop from pulling aggro. I was over 1000 dps before I had to pull back. Looks like they'll be doing the same thing this weekend I hope to be there.

Sunday was hunter day, my daughter was sick so my wife went with my son to church and lunch with her parents while my daughter laid sadly on the floor while I leveled to 55. Dinged just as I was turning in my last quest in Un Goro. The quest I was finishing was killing some monkey in a cave. As I went into the cave I saw most of the way was cleared. It had been cleared by a 51 undead lock, no doubt doing the same quest. I walked past him (being a care bear) and pulled the next mob. So he attacked me, I killed him while my pet finished off the mob, but his dots got me. That's the last time leave alone someone I can easily kill. I rezzed and killed the mob I need and waited for him come back for my next hk. He ran out with everything chasing him, I followed getting no aggro as they were all on him. He got past them all with 150 hp or so, aspect of the cheetah and arcane shot = dead. Well, that's all.

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