Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A real 25 man raid

Yup, it seems like a Heroes Inc managed to run a 25 man raid that didn't seem like two thirds of the group or so pulling along the others. We downed Mag, Hkm and Gruul in about 2 and half hours. It would have been 4 but Ferth (long winded gm) wasn't leading the raid. He wiped his first kara group because his explination of the Attumen fight was so long there were respawns. That was a bit off topic but it makes me laugh. I saw my old friend Honorshammer at the summoning stone, not where he wanted to be from what I have read.

Our group was mostly geared for this, which was odd. Mag took two attempts the first one went wrong due to clicking to early. As I noted before I was a "clicker". Which I thought was easy, as dps I always had Mag targeted and when I saw him finish casting his nova I clicked, I ran to get him in range when told to stop. Sadly his cave in owned me, no battle rez was around either, except mine. I was 4 in damage done at the time of my death, he was tanked 50 or so yards from my cube so I lost a bit of dps time. He dropped 1 million things, I lost the roll on his head, and rolled 98 for the bag, Wichita said I won the bag then rolled a 99, I don't like him anymore, first going enhance from elemental, now this. He dropped 3 lock, mage hunter tokens, said classes we pleased, other weren't.

HKM was a one shot. I tanked the shaman with a hunter, who didn't know what he was doing. I didn't listen to Wichita explain to him what he was to be doing. I don't really pay attention to the raid instructions if know what I'm going to be doing already. The hunter was attacking him for the other side of the cave, pretty far from our paladin healer. He also had scorpid sting on him, which isn't helpful considering he's a caster. Some wonderful lock put curse of shadows on the shaman for me, we had him at 37% before the rest of the dps joined in. I went with no insect swarm on Kiggler (shaman), according to the dps spreadsheet I use my highest dps rotation is one moonfire 4 starfire, I use insect swarm to idol swap and to debuff the target (it lowers their chance to hit by 2%). I made a macro to add to the end of my rotation to swap the idol for me, didn't use it once. Then I gave HKM a good smashing, second on dps for this, this fight and lurker are good fights for me. The only drawback is getting spell push back while tanking Kiggler.

Gruul took two attempts some people thought letting the tanks die wasn't a problem the first time. I was second on this fight in damage as well, though this isn't a fun fight to dps in. Silence and running around aren't real helpful. Nothing of real interest in this fight, he dropped 3 druid, warrior, priest tokens, which I passed on. I think just about all the loot from the night found good homes which is great.

I'm thinking to really progress as a guild we should be doing this and ssc/tk every week. We won't and I'm not real worried about it, though I'm hoping to see this run more often. The guild benefits a lot more from these runs than ssc right now, 8 badges and lots of loot versus 2 badges and some loot people may not want. Doing both would be ideal but there isn't enough interest at this point, I can't make both raids in a week myself. I was impressed by the way everyone did their job, the mood of the raid was great as well. I'm thinking when this run is scheduled again there won't be trouble finding 25 people to go. After the raid Ferth typed "nice guns" into guild chat, he meant "nice run" I prefer the former. That's all, and nice guns.

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