Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I like cake

Sometime during last week it finally hit me. Burning Crusade is pretty much over for me, I mean, killing Vashj, Kael and the like was something I had hoped (a fool's hope) to do. From what I have read someone else already killed them, what's the point of trying to kill them again. We've topped out in Heroes Inc for the most part, we could kill another boss or two, but consistently getting 25 competent people to raid isn't going to happen. We have the people, but we also have jobs, kids, ret paladin alts and such holding us back.

Last weekend I didn't do a heroic or raid, whenever that happened in the past I would be unhappy, not anymore. I didn't want to, it's not like a few more badges is going to help anything. I did go from level 56 to 59 on my hunter while getting 300+ mining. This burned through most of my rested xp so he'll be taking the week off. I haven't finished 2 zones and haven't stepped into another on Azeroth. Not sure if I will go back, the purpose of the hunter is skinning and mining and that's much better in Hellfire than epl.

I'm thinking my level 15 priest will be seeing some leveling time, I haven't used it in months. Either that or the 29 shaman, doesn't really matter, I'm pretty sure my druid will be my main. What class I will pvp with is still undecided.

I headed into the arenas for the first time in many months on Friday night. Hence the not so great spec I'm using right now. I'm pondering how seriously I want to take pvp again, I really enjoyed getting back in there. I played with Blackhaus (disc priest) and Wichita (enhance shaman). Not a normal set up, and one I really liked. I'm the worst target for just about everybody out of us 3, meaning I mostly had free reign to wrath and cyclone as I pleased. We went 5-5, not bad for never playing together. The team rating is now 1615, and I'm just a few points shy of the balance season 3 helm. After that I'd be saving for season four stuff, gloves and chest need upgrades. I might go with more a pvp friendly spec that is fine for both, just less aggro reduction in pve, but starfire a stun and treants for pvp. The other thing would be badges, I'm leaning towards a pvp cloak with my next 60, either Cloak of Arcane Alacrity or Cloak of Subjugated Power, depending on what research tells me is the way to go.

Lastly, I have 5040 gold or so, enough for the epic flying skill for Lakini, but I can't solo heroic Sethekk, or even regular, so I'm holding off until I can find a night to do it (I refuse to buy a mount for my druid). I'm hoping Friday or Saturday will work out, we shall see, well, I shall see you shall read, unless you're there then both, that's all.

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Bacon said...

Yeah, dont buy a mount. The Epic Flight Form is so much cooler. I think your biggest hurdle in running Heroic Sethekk is finding a tank. But I'm sure you'll find one.

BTW - grats on the arenas.