Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another ZA another 7 badges

Wednesday, Tk was canceled due to not having a group that could do it. A ZA run was formed instead, I went, and killed things. I must be difficult putting these groups together when so many people are on. There are folks who'd like to go, who aren't quite qualified gear wise and folks who are but only 10 people can go.

Somewhat off topic, I have noticed in my travels that those who QQ the most about how guild raiding is run tend to contribute the least. If only they put the effort into gearing their character and learning their class that they did into complaining and not paying attention during raids they would have fewer problems.

Anyway, we plowed through the Bear and Eagle bosses, with 20 minutes to down the next boss. We are not speedy on the Dragon hawk trash so we headed for the Lynx. We got to him with four minutes left on the timer, not enough time obviously. We would have had time if we hadn't waited for the guys to open the chests (you can get the loot after), not like anything useful was in them.

After we knew we missed the timer this went from the best ZA run I've seen to one wiping on the Lynx. The main tank pulled him before anyone was ready and we wiped, second attempt the off tank moved too far away form the boss and Beilin took a full saber lash, he didn't survive. He was easy enough the 3rd time and dropped Shoulderpads of Dancing Blades. No one else wanted them so they're mine now, mine to put in my bank. I'm hoping to someday do a full kara as feral and see how I do, I might level to 80 as Feral, as tanks might be an issue on the way.

The Dragon hawk is still a jerk, but he died. He took just enough time for us to not be able to do the Hex Lord. I would go into more detail but I don't remember. I do remember getting Moon-walkers after the raid, down to one badge again. Waiting for the +12 spell damage (not stamina, that would be foolish) gems to arrive in the mail and that bear who can do Enchant Boots - Vitality to appear and I'll be set.

I also remember doing 973 dps on the eagle fight, just a curse of shadows away from 1000. Here are the stats, that fight I crit 35% on my stafire and 47% on moonfire. Crit is an evil beast. I have done fights where I have crit 10% on my starfires, when my chance to crit with the spell is over 25%. Anyway, Happy Memorial Day, that's all.

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