Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Wrath of the Lich King

More info is starting to leak out about the upcoming expansion. Here is a link that has some talent trees and new spells for certain classes. Seems pretty legit, one thing that we do know for sure is you'll be able to every raid with 10 people. When first read this I wasn't real happy, balance druids aren't as strong in 10 mans as in 25 mans and I know I won't be doing 25 mans come level 80.

Balance druids seem to be getting more of the love they got with 2.0. I'm hoping going forward that balance druids get attention more often than every expansion pack. I'll get into more detail later, when things are a bit more official.

What not needing 25 to progress means is that Heroes Inc will be splitting at some point. The only reason the guild is so big is so we can do 25 mans. Back in May of 2006 when the guild moved to AOS we planned on being small. We were going to pvp and do 10 and 20 man raids. We got close to doing 20 mans pre bc, but 7 or 8 people leaving the guild the week before our first run ended that dream.

When Burning Crusade came out and the raids were changed from 40 to 25 man we set our sights on that. As time went on the guild kept growing, having a casual guild that does 25 mans raids and full pvp groups requires a lot of people. If leveling to 80 is anything like going from 60 to 70 a lot of people will leave during that time. People level at different paces, some people will get bored waiting for folks to catch up to their level.

The breaking point will be level 80, getting through Karazhan for us was painful. Bringing the gear and skill challenged to be "fair" and fitting everyone into a raid (at this point raiding twice a week was hardcore) was an overall miserable experience. It took us nearly 6 months to clear the place. I can tell you that the better geared who did that before aren't going to do it again (me included).

Obviously Wichita has has started coming up with his raiding/pvp plan on his blog. The idea of being able to tackle every raid without worrying about "carrying players" is unreal. It's just become part of WOW for me. Noobs who can't/won't do what it takes to excel at there class wiping raids and slowing progression is what I'm used to. Not having to worry about having to take people on a raid when they bring the group down to keep people happy would crazy. The entire time I have played this game I've been waiting on people to level, gear up, or figure out how to put gems in there gear, I'm tired of it. Looks like the day will come when I won't have to do that anymore.

As far as the direction that Heroes will go I'm not sure, I could see more casual group remaining in Heroes and others in another guild, or perhaps the opposite, or maybe we all stick together and run a couple of raid teams. I do enjoy playing with everybody in the guild, but when progressions time comes if you aren't going to put in the effort, then I'll see you when it's time to farm something easy. That's all


Honors Code said...

Where did Wichita move his blog to?

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