Monday, May 05, 2008

That's Better

Well, as usual everything is ok. The beauty of zero guildies reading this thing, this is less popular than class guides with those people, I do love em though. I logged in on Thursday seeing a ZA run was in the works, however it was owned by 4 guildies running a former guild member through heroic sethekk for his epic flight form quest. I guess his current guild isn't geared for it.

I was in group and on vent with Wichita (enhance shaman) who was trying to set up the raid and he noticed my many deaths trying to do some dalies he and Blackhaus (disc priest) came to my aid. By the time they arrived I was done with my quests but that didn't mean death wasn't coming for the horde. We went out to the naga area and found a idiot hunter trying to gank someone, that someone being Zadorr of Heroes Inc, hunter dies. We killed this hunter 6 or 7 times, we didn't like him. We camped the pathway from the naga area back to the shattered sun base. We killed all who tried to pass. Once this bored us we moved to the beach area where the arcane fellows and wretched fiends hang out. We ran into a group four well geared horde and died.

We grabbed Aleks and Sylvara when they appeared and did heroic mt. I have heard this place is hard from people, pretty easy as far I can tell. Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes dropped off Kael and I nabbed em. My dps spreadsheet said they were better there went some gold on gems. The best part is the robes cover my Trial-Fire Trousers which look horrid.

The next evening I logged on and got an invite for a kara group. I accepted, we took one heal specced person, who solo healed the trash, I healed on bosses and Wichita healed on Nightbane, but no others. It went pretty smooth, we wiped when some ret noob feared accidental. We also forgot to have some building second threat on Moroes so he killed people. I had to go to bed after Illhoof, stupid 4:15am work schedule. 17 badges moved me up to 63, so the Fused Nethergon Band is now mine. I now have 1104 spell damage unbuffed, which I like, for now.

The rest of the weekend was spent leveling the hunter alt, up to level 54. Un goro crater has been great for leveling. I should be able to hit level 55 without problem there. Got Mag/gruul's tonight, must see Mag die, hopefully I won't have to heal. I'd like to test out my new raid gear. That's all.

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