Saturday, June 14, 2008

Druids on WotLK Alpha

Another build came out the other day and thought it was time to post about the changes being looked at. Here a few of them, the ones that interest me. This will mostly be about balance with a dash of resto mixed in.

I'm pretty confident these will make it to release.
  • Entangling Roots can now be used indoors as well. Some cc for melee mobs in instances and will be nice for indoor pvp.
  • Hurricane cooldown has been removed. This is sweet, in Hyjal only having this once a minute was painful.
  • Nature's Grasp can now be used indoors as well. Same as root indoors.
  • Nature's Reach now reduces threat generated by your Balance spells by 15/30% in addition to it's old effect. Nice to have threat reduction in the balance tree and not add a new talent.
  • Brambles now gives your Thorns and Treants a 5/10/15% chance to daze the target for 3 seconds when dealing damage in addition to it's old effect. Really nice for pvp, help keep those rogues and warriors from chasing me down.
  • Improved Mark of the Wild has been reduced to a 2 point talent, increasing the effect of Mark of the Wild by 20/40%. Mark of the Wild has sucked bc at least it won't be 5 points to buff it.
  • Improved Faerie Fire works for spells too now. Makes this a must have spell, I can drop 3% spell hit from my gear meaning that I only need a total 9% spell hit on my gear to be capped.
New spells, none are balance. I started playing during patch 1.8, cyclone is the only new balance spell added that isn't obtained with talents. I'm pretty sure the ooc rez will make it, don't know about the others.
  • Lock Jaw - Finishing move that stuns the target and deals damage. Lasts longer per combo point: x points: x+1 seconds (level 75)
  • Nourish- "Heals a friendly target for 1550 to 1800. Heals for an additional 387.5 to 450 if Rejuvenation is on the target."
  • Revive - "Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 1800 health and 1365 mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.
Balance Spell ranks. I'm sure some of this will change.

  • Typhoon (Rank 1) (new) - "You summon a violent Typhoon that does 530 Nature damage when in contact with hostile targets, knocking them back 5 yards." Looks like a nice a great pvp talent. Great to put on before using aoe in case you get aggro.
  • Faerie Fire (Rank 6) - Reduces armor by 1260.
  • Hurricane (Rank 5) - 2885 mana, no cooldown. 276 damage every 1 sec for 10 sec. Slows melee, ranged and attack speed on targets by 50%. Looks great mana cost scares me though
  • Insect Swarm (Rank 7) - 265 mana, 1050 damage over 12 sec.
  • Moonfire (Rank 13) - 640 mana, 347 to 407 arcane damage, 684 arcane damage over 12 sec.
  • Moonfire (Rank 14) - 745 mana, 406 to 476 arcane damage, 800 arcane damage over 12 sec. This should probably cost more mana maybe? Or not.
  • Starfire (Rank 9) - 455 mana, 554 to 652 arcane damage.
  • Starfire (Rank 10) - 555 mana, 661 to 779 arcane damage.
  • Wrath (Rank 11) - 320 mana, 414 to 466 nature damage.
  • Wrath (Rank 12) - 380 mana, 489 to 551 nature damage.
Here is the talent tree as of June 12th, this stuff will change. I'll link a spec that uses the new talents, not a build I'm thinking of using. Balance Tree

There are some really nice talents in there. My issue they still haven't fully addressed mana issues. Melee for mana is still there, though I I'm pretty sure this will be fixed. Blizzard acknowledged it isn't working but still haven't gotten around to fixing it. Since the only look at balance issues during expansions I hope they deal with it.

Neither rogues or hunters are up for testing so I haven't seen the changes there yet. I'm liking the moonkin for pve and pvp, which is a problem for me. When I hit 80 will I have the gold to respec for pvp and pve? If they have dailes I can do right at 80 I should. I haven't gone over feral talents but if they leave that as it is, I don't see how any druid wouldn't be feral, they're crazy op on the alpha. That's all.

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