Monday, June 16, 2008

Details are for the ladies

I did some stuff since I lasted posted about the stuff I do. Going into detail will send me down paths I don't wish to go down. So my goal is to be as vague as possible and to change around names cleverly for my own amusement.

So one day, I was going to do something but then I didn't. Then I logged on to my alt in a desert like place and tried to figure out what I could do there didn't involve something that I can't do for some reason.

I later logged back on and went to unnamed place and gathered something for reasons I won't explain. After I was done (why, I won't say) I decided to kill people. I joined up with some people and we killed other people. We fought in a battleground with purple ground and buildings. We would quickly go to one of the buildings and murder those who opposed us, and anyone else we saw.

Then some other day I went to another killing place with some people, I'll call it Garsong Wulch. It where you die a lot and never leave, normally. One premade saw that a person I'll call "Mr. KFC" was in the raid and they left in fear. We defeated some people and Mr KFC topped the charts as usual.

On another day 4 other people and I killed some guys with purple things we wanted. We killed a tall guy with mushrooms, a dragon (you'll never know which one though), some guy and bear, then some plant looking guy who kept throwing me around. That wasn't enough for us, we went and killed some other mystery dragons and a bunch of other animals. No one did anything that anyone would deem foolish in regards to loot. If I find out someone said anyone did, I'll shake my fist at them and frown.

Pretty light weekend, unless consider the other things I did that you'll never read about on this blog, never, so don't ask! That's all.

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