Monday, June 16, 2008

A Whole Year

So it's been a year since Heroes Inc's first Karazhan run. I was there, landing my sweet heals. I didn't blog back in those times, that was nerds back then. Good looking people like myself didn't start blogging till the end July, if I recall.

There was some controversy going in. We basically went as soon as we had more than 10 people keyed. It was assumed that we would wait until our gm returned from a short vacation before we went in. I asked why we were waiting, the answer ended up being that we weren't.

Honorshammer and Zadorr were the tanks, healers were Baconstrip, Sevenn and I (balance specced) the dps was Sylvara, FaceEraser, Origami, Paymon, and Wichita. We one shot Attumen, he dropped Spectral Band of Innervation and Bracers of the White Stag. I had my Windhawk Bracers (still do) so I passed on those, I lost the roll on the ring to Wichita and Face, they both decided to pass due to lack of crit. So I was able to replace my Sage's Band that night. It was months before I got my next dps drop.

We got to Moroes and I think we got 2 shots at him before we called it. We had no priest and a bunch of guys in blues weren't going to pull that off. I remember my job was to heal Zadorr who was off tanking Moroes, I couldn't keep him up. I think it was more me being a noob raid healer than my gear or spec. The next time went in we downed him, I had the same job but a better spec to make for my noobness. I had three epics going in, the Windhawk Bracers, Windhawk Belt and Gladiator's Wyrmhide Tunic, not that I used the chest piece for healing.

Those are my favorite kinds of runs, the ones where your doing something that's a challenge. I didn't go in greens with a bunch of over geared players running me through. If we did it wrong we didn't have the gear to make up for it. I don't know when I'll face another pve challenge like that, or even just killing a raid boss I haven't killed before, my guess is on the other side of level 80.

Looking back I didn't really have any idea how far we would get. I didn't think we would get a 25 man raid done, wrong there. The reason I picked up engineering was because I didn't see ever getting to Prince. They made Kara too gear demanding for the first raid and way too much trash. Hence the slow process of clearing fo trying to gear up people and such, not to get into that again.

It was a bunch of work to be ready for that raid. All my gold went to my leatherworking gear, which I picked at level 70. I'm not really looking forward to doing all that again, I'm thinking I might drop leatherworking for the expansion. The changes Blizzard is making in gear makes me wonder if it would be worth it. I have yet to replace the gear I have crafted so it was well worth it, here's to hoping that doesn't happen next time. That's all.

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