Saturday, June 21, 2008

Druid, Rogue, Hunter

At some point I have to figure out what I'm going to use as my pve and pvp main. I'll do pve first cause that's how I look at things, and pvp will be easier for me to decide. If you the reader have any suggestions or any input on the hunter or rogue please do. I'm pretty confident no one who reads this knows anything about balance druids that I don't. Not that I'm that smart, I don't think anyone who plays the spec reads this.

I'll start with the Druid, I have played the class for over 2 years so I feel like I know what I'm doing. I have been balance just about the whole time, I have a decent understanding of resto and I have tanked before.

The biggest pro for the druid are versatility, but that's expensive. It hasn't cost me less than 45 gold to respec in over a year. I have respecced my hunter once, and my rogue 3 or 4 times. It seems with expansion +healing is gone and spell damage will be for healers and dps. So itemization isn't an issue, I can heal in my dps gear. A big advantage over the hunter and rogue.

Another pro for the druid is the group buffs that a pure dps class don't have. It's looks like moonkins will be in demand for caster groups in raids. The downside is I'm doing less dps than the others, I'm going to assume that I won't be raiding with locks and mages that can't out dps me this time. I hate being outdpsed by lesser geared players, it hurts my feelings. I can't do anything to change it, I'm getting the best I can out of the toon.

Rogue, I enjoyed my limited raid experience with Homerjay. I was happy with the dps and ease of gearing. I dropped the rogue because we were real melee heavy and I missed my antlers. Basically the only pro for the rogue is really high dps, not really anything else. I do enjoy out dpsing people who out gear me, which is what I do here.

The cons for the rogue are no groups buffs. Hemo provides a group buff but that won't be in my spec. All I do is stab things, a simple high dps life. I wonder how hard it will be to get a pair of high dps weapons will be. I don't think I'll be able to lose my way to sweet swords in the arena next time around. My dps in large part will be determined by my weapons. The main downside is I don't think there will be a spot for me to be a rogue in the guild.

Hunter, this is a bit of an unknown. They do high dps and offer some nice buffs and abilities. There would be a lot learning with the hunter. I'm only level 60 and have zero instance or raid experience. A properly played and specced hunter can do high dps even with less than great gear. That would be nice in the expansion for beginning raiding. I'm not sure if anyone will be playing a hunter, most of our hunters would rather play alts.

Switching mains means profession rearranging. They are all set up to serve my druid. I'm leaning towards going enchanting and inscriptions for my main. Simple enough on my druid, just dump leatherworking and engineering and level the others, I have ability to gather that mats need. I may keep leatherworking on my druid if that's my main and the gear is good enough.

For the rogue I would have drop herbalism and I'd probably keep alchemy as to not relearn on another toon and pick up inscriptions. The hunter would be a switch with the druid, gathering on the druid crafting on the hunter.

I have noticed the idea of rolling Death Knight is really popular, picking up inscriptions not as much. Seems like having a bunch of people with inscriptions would be more useful than a bunch of evil ret pallies trying to level from 55 to 80. I can see it now, every instance group being 4 death kinghts looking for a healer. I'm guessing Blizzard will make them less than compared to other classes to get rid of the flavor of the month players and slowly buff them up as time goes on. I hope so, I don't want to be trying to get a group for the new instances in Wotlk but everyone in the guild is trying level their stupid death knight.

Moving on, as far as pvp goes the rogue is pretty much out. If I use the hunter as my pve toon the druid will be for pvp. Hunter's look powerful in pvp but Jagdelf makes it seem like torture with all his complaining and offensive language. I have enjoyed the world pvp and bgs I have done with the hunter. Killing the 64 warrior who jumped me was fun.

I'm not going to be a death knight, that's far to popular for me. Rolling any other class just isn't going to happen. I hate leveling on a pvp server, I really like nothing about playing on a pvp server, that's another post though. That's all.

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I like the balance's different, rare, you play it well, and it's versatile!