Monday, June 23, 2008

Badges and Trash

Karazhan is known for these things, mostly trash. I went their with some people in search of badges and something to do. We picked up 17 badges in 3 hours which is decent, but a noob kind of ruined the run for me. I won't give the name, I don't want to get anyone mad or anything.

So noob was the last to join the group, it would have been best to wait for another. The good news was this guy was over geared for Kara and his dps was good. Bad news was he couldn't stop getting aggro and doing foolish things.

List of Failure

Pulled aggro on Attumen
Pulled aggro on Maiden and died (got battle rezzed and died again)
Pulled aggro on Opera event (without casting)
Pulled aggro on Nightbane (got battle rezzed and pulled aggro again and died, again)
Moved during Flame Wreath on Aran (group didn't wipe though)

I have confession, the noob was me. Curse of shadows and pvp spec = pull aggro while afk. The reason I stopped pulling aggro on bosses was I respecced (after Nightbane). I have done kara with the spec I was using but not with cos on the boss. The reason I didn't pull on Opera was Wichita (not playing his shaman) forgot to put up cos. Why I moved during Flame Wreath? Noob is noob, I guess. The important thing is Darolynn died more times than I did (none were my fault). I could complain about the drop I want off one boss that I haven't seen in more than a year of killing him and how I have seen more than one rare epic mounts drop off the guy, but I don't feel like it. That's all.

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