Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Heroics and New Fancy Gear

Friday I was really happy, who wouldn't be? Who wouldn't be jumping up and down for joy when they saw that Sethekk Halls was the heroic of the day for 1,353,653th time?

The important thing was I got 5 more badges and 0 more mounts. I spent more time looking for something that this stupid website cannot have on here unless the text is white or purple than doing anything else (it was in my keychain). If only when I highlighted the text and changed the text color would do something other than change the underline color. Maybe then I wouldn't want to murder the person who wrote the software. Anyway, I don't think we wiped, we had some sweet killing power, Jagdelf, Wichita and I. The other guys were pretty great too, but their killing power was lacking.

Saturday, I didn't have to go to work, that was fun. I did a bunch of stuff and some people gave me gold for it.. I have just under 1500 gold, epic mount fund for the hunter I guess. He's still 60, leveling slows down quite a bit after you hit 60, and I'm in no hurry. I did some quests in Silithus and am not sure where I'll end up next.

At 9 server it was guild pvp time, now this starts a little early for me so I don't how many were there at the start, but there were only 3 when I got there. People are disappearing right now, not leaving the guild just not playing.

I did one ab before heroic shattered halls came calling. This is a good heroic of the day, seven total badges from this one. I was the healer, which was interesting. The problem with my healing gear is die after I take about 3 hits. I have less than 7000 hp and 2500 armor, that's no good when being hit. We were on the last part of the gauntlet after the first boss when a rogue popped and kill me 5 seconds. That was sad. I have gone to switching to bear when I see evil coming my way when I heal. I'm not healing when I do this, but the tank isn't the one I'm worried about right then. The tank has bigger problems if I die.

So anyway, I picked up 29 badges last week, pretty good for only playing 3 nights. I decided to pick up the Starfire Waistband. I had planned on getting a pvp cloak, but not being on an arena team that plays games had me thinking otherwise. I spent 300 gold, on a Pyrestone that Tonkadonk turned into and Reckless Pyrestone. Haven't been able to bring myself spend the gold for the Crimson Spinel. I hope I can get 2 more badges on Homerjay and use them to get it. Maybe I'll get to do ZA this week, if there are 10 people left who want to go. That's all.

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If you guys ever need another for PVP on the weekends, look me up.