Monday, June 30, 2008

The Exciting Adventues of Wednesday

I know some folks have been itching to hear about this. The heroic Magister's run that we did was truly a memorable experience. The important thing was unlike Kara last week, I wasn't the one screwing up.

Let's see, it was Aleks, Fulsom (Wichita), Ofn, Darolynn, and I. I'll try to remember all the excitement. We wiped on the second pull for some reason, then it was afk time. Now my mic is dead, I'll have to get a new one at some point. So when we did the next pull while our healer didn't follow us, I didn't mention it on vent. My +1200 healing or so in my dps gear isn't what you're looking for in a healer for this, that and I'm not heal specced. Aleks was tanking 3 and I was burning through my mana to keep him up. The best part was no one noticed until Daro came back for the end of the fight. I was in bear form at the time try to survive aggro from the sap target after it broke (which no noticed), if she hadn't come back I was dead.

I laughed out load at my group (some would say "lol"). We went without issue to the first boss, except that little warlock kept switching curses on me. Come on, pick one! Curse of shadows on one, then curse of elements on the next, then curse of agony. I was waiting for curse of exhaustion, but I don't think he used it.

Anyway we killed the first boss, he's a total noob, and he dropped Distracting Blades. No one needed it so it was turned into a Void Crystal. The before the next pull Aleks asked if anyone had ammo because he ran out. No one did, we did have a extra thrown weapon 30 seconds earlier, but no ammo.

Soon it was time to kill the giant group of things I don't want to describe, anyway there were lots of them. Aleks pulled 6,770,345,435 and they killed us. The next time he only pulled enough to kill me. After that I didn't die, for a while.

I don't remember anything real interesting happening until we went back to kill one more mob for the regular daily. I did die on The Kael fight, as is my custom. If I recall we all died other than Fulsom, Darolynn used her soulstone to rez and finish him (Kael, not Fulsom) off. We were about to kill the group we needed when Ofn realized he wouldn't get mentioned in this blog for anything foolish if he didn't screw something up quick. So he aggroed the next group and we wiped.

One thing I really like about playing with friends is no one gets uptight when some one screws up. No one is pissed on vent or offended if someone makes fun of them. I forgot to mention how great I was on this run, innervating Daro and healing her during aoe damage fights, I should because next I'll go over heroic Botanica and I wasn't soo great there.

So after we finished we grabbed Sevenn a ret pally (I know) because Ofn was soo embarrassed that he wiped us he had to leave, or it was late where he lives, I don't remember which. I didn't really mess up, I just played my rogue. Homerjay in a heroic, I don't know how many months it has been. I was rusty, but the dps I was doing made me wonder why I play a moonkin.

The story of this run would be longer if I remembered it better. I recall it being long and I broke my gear. I didn't die that many times, my gear wasn't repaired when we started. People got badges and some Shatar rep, and then I went to bed. That's all.

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Ofn said...

YES! I made it into one of Lakini's posts because of something I did that wiped the group! Although, I didn't actually get called a noob. Guess I'll have to try harder, or maybe, not try harder. :)