Wednesday, June 25, 2008

While I have a minute

Let's see, ZA was canceled again. Short healers, Bacon and Mathman were the only ones that signed up. Mathman's account got hacked so his gear isn't up to par at the moment. I should be able to do a heroic, though with the lack of healers I might have to do that rather than get those last two stupid badges I need on Homerjay.

So bought a Crimson Spinel rather than wait on those stupid badges. I then did 15 dailies to get some of the money back. Once I find someone to cut it I'll put in my belt.

I picked up Guardian's Pendant of Subjugation and put a Reckless Noble Topaz in it. Which makes it slightly better than Loop of Cursed Bones. So now I don't have to worry about that dropping. It's decent upgrade for my pvp set, the one with spell crit would probably be better, but until I get back to doing arenas every week I won't worry about things like that.

I have decided to finish up some stuff I slacked on in the past. With nothing much going on I have time now. Last week I leveled up Homerjay's lock picking skill 230 or so, which is still bad. Yesterday I went from 225 first aid on Lakini to 375, I only needed to buy one stack of mageweave, I had the rest of the stuff on different alts. Now I have never once have been in a situation on my druid where I wish I could bandage, but maybe someday. I don't think I'll ever bother with fishing, but I'll want to get Homer's cooking up to 375, it's at 360 something.

I bring up the fact that I haven't raided or done arenas because that's what's going on, and that it influences the decisions I make. I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, or call out anyone. If I decide to do something, I have a reason and I give the reason to explain why, nothing else to it. If I want to complain about something I'll make it real obvious, you'll know. If you read between the lines here all you'll find is blank space. That's all.


Bacon said...

Sorry about the ZA fallout. When I saw that I was the only healer and it appeared to be getting the "boot", I decided that I would go for a run instead. Unfortunately, I dont know if we're going to have a run with the 4th next week or not.

Lakini said...

I blame Dlow and Mathman, hopefully we can get a group next week.