Monday, June 09, 2008

Someone from FedEx must read this. . .

My computer arrived at about 12:00pm. I had ordered it Sunday and paid for 5 day shipping, this is quite a change from my last expierence. So FedEx is off my enemies list, I have yet to find a replacement.

I got refurbished fancy computer. It took about an hour and a half for it copy my stuff from my old main hard drive to the new one. I downloaded a few updates and it was just like my prevoius computer, except much faster. My fps doubled (I play on max settings) and the game loks quite a bit better.

I finished the quest line for my epic flight form to the point where heroic Sethekk was needed. There was to be dueling Karazhan runs this night so I didn't plan on getting the quest done. Some drama had one run canceled and the thread deleted, a couple of people left the guild over it. I'll refrain from getting into this any further.

It was 15 badge Kara run, the only thing I found noteworthy about it was the loot. I don't run Kara for that at this point, though there is one thing on my list in there. We killed 8 bosses and no leather or cloth dps gear dropped, sucks for the mage who was running this for the first time. Mail dps gear dropped 3 times, the rest tanking and healing gear. I saw more tank loot drop this night than I have seen in any given month of running that place. Ferth was happy.

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