Monday, June 30, 2008

The weekend

I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, so this is going to be quick. Friday Heroic Mech, killed bosses got some pattern for some profession and badges. Then tried some Ice boss, he killed us many times, then I went to bed. Saturday, leveled lockpicking from 232 to 301 and my brain still hurts. I ganked people and smiled. I got mongoose on my offhand. Sunday I leveled lockpicking to 333 or so and made crazy comments in guild chat while Ferth cleaned house with alts of people who aren't in the guild and people who don't play anymore. Guild has about half as many toons in it as it did 3 months ago. I sold a lot of primal water. Did you? No, I'm rolling in cash and you're not, take that sucker!!!!!

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