Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anything but Daggers

As I mentioned before Homerjay is going to be my pvp toon in the expansion. As I said before I'm not really happy with the direction Blizzard is going in with rogues. My two main issues are the pvp centered talents at the top of the combat tree and all but one of the new sub talents are for daggers.

First my pve spec, I'm going to have to do some pve with this guy. I don't have any plans to do any raids but I'm sure rep that can only be had in instances will be needed. Hopefully the rumors of having two specs is reality so I can be pve specced anytime I do an instance. My first idea for a spec is 19/52/0. Basically grabbing a couple of talents in combat I don't want to get to Murder Spree and Prey on the Weak. I may try another 19/52/0 going with main hand fist off hand sword build. Honestly I won't be pve specced much so it's not real important.

For pvp I could go quite a few directions. Most likely I'm going to fill in a few sub talents then add the rest into assassination. 25/0/46 seems decent, picking up Cold Blood, Quick Recovery and Wrongfully Accused.

I could also go with a combat sub spec like 0/28/43. I love Blade Flurry and the extra stuns and dazes will make people sad, but not me. Extra survivability against melee will be nice as well. I'm not sure how practical the spec is, I'm no expert on these things. I think this will help me gank death knights which is going to be one of my new hobbies. If you are death knight I will kill you when I see you.

For leveling I'll just be filling the spots to get to the 25/0/46 spec and will decide what to do at 80. I plan on leveling Homerjay first as there is great benefit starting arenas and such first. Also having a rogue in some level 80 pvp gear will be nice for taking care of people who wish to gank me while I level my druid. They will die. Anyway I don't really need to choose a spec until I start choosing pvp weapons. My pve spec will have to adjust to what weapons I pick for pvp. I don't know how far I'll get in the arenas but I will excel at killing people bumping around Northrend. That's all

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