Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some random thoughts about the Beta

Burning Crusade coming out wasn't a huge deal to me. I had only been 60 for a couple of months, in fact I never made it to Dire Maul North or West, or Scholomance. There were plenty of things I hadn't explored yet. I haven't been to Black Temple or the Sunwell, but otherwise I have at least been to every raid and won't be moving any further. So, I want Wotlk to come out now please. I'm bored.

I'm not quite ready to make a full post about the talents and such of druids and rogues. I'm not overly happy with either. Moonkins were buffed and have had some things fixed that should have been fixed years ago. Sadly they seem to have taken a step back when compared to other dps casters. Even ret paladins seem to have got it better at the moment.

As far as rogues go the top tier sub talents are aimed at daggers which is horrid for sub at this point. I have no desire to grab two tiny little blades and try to backstab everything. Combat top tier talents are mostly pvp focused, which makes no sense in the pve rogue tree.

I have pretty much settled on using the rogue for pvp and the druid for pve no matter what happens from this point. If balance isn't good enough resto looks unreal. The fact that being a dps caster in Heroes Inc is about as popular as condoms at monastery means they'll need me to dps when we face a boss like Prince. The only way I would not play a rogue in pvp is if they change the way it is played. If I have to use daggers to be effective I'll use another class. I'll delete my rogue before I equip a dagger, I hate them.

I'm hoping to be one of .0587% of players who get to test the beta (aren't we all). It would be nice to have something new to see. Getting to provide feedback on balance druids would be the main reason for me. They won't touch them again until the next expansion (unless they are nerfing them to try to nerf resto druids) so they need to get it right. That's all.

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