Monday, July 21, 2008


Normally I have longer titles, normally I do more than one thing over the weekend. I guess I leveled my hunter to 63, but that doesn't make the title. Friday night has become arena night for Honors and I. As you may have heard we went 6-7 after starting 0-5. 6-2 finish isn't bad, would have been better if it hadn't involved a team that wasn't there (which counted) and beating a team not wearing gear. Honors was having vent lag issues that were no help either.

Despite those things and the rating dropping to 1414 I'm still feeling good about it. It is going to take time, I try to practice by ganking people but it's not helping much. More research would probably help too. I don't mind the start, quitters quit when it isn't easy right away, that's not how I do things. I had a good idea of what we should do and what I wanted to do but if something didn't go as I envisioned it threw me. I need to do more research and play more games.

I also got in on some 3 vs 3 games with Wichita (who lied about being resto) and Darolynn. Good news is I'll end getting almost 100 more arena points than I would have from Here for the Gear. The bad news we went 5-7, we lost one game due to my failure to vanish quick enough. I also had fun which is good, this being a game. That's all

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Bacon said...

Wichita is a fun person to play arenas with. Add in you and Daro and I bet it was real fun.