Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The SS Project

The SS (shadowstep) project is going along better than expected. Despite cheat death getting nerfed a bit, the part where it is effected by by resilience is not good for me. In the last week a picked up Dory's Embrace, Gladiator's Leather Gloves and Medallion of the Alliance, moving me up to 231 on resilience. I have a 2vs2 team and hopefully another team coming up.

If I were to hit 1700 rating on a team it would cost the following to be fully pvp geared. 53 more badges, about 3300 more arena points, about 59,000 more honor and anywhere form 10 to 12 more of each battleground mark (other than av). Not bad, and if I don't hit 1700 it cost me less honor and arena points. This is with no upgrades of current pvp gear.

Badges will come as Kara runs come at this point with a few heroics mixed in. Marks will be easy enough, most battle grounds done in guild are like Kara, farming marks rather than badges. The honor will require one or two more av weekend crapfests, hopefully just one.

Now the arena points are the unknown here, I have found a team that I can do games with on a weekly basis. However arena points won't be coming at a rapid pace just yet. Honorshammer and I aren't exactly headed to 2200 anytime soon. We will improve and it's a fun setup, 2vs2 with a ret pally, but our gear isn't ready. I have more resilience on my druid than Homerjay and Honorshammer combined.

My gear choices coming up are dependent on the rating of my top arena team, and that's 1425 right now. I don't want to go over my hope for a second team in a different bracket, it's not a secret, I just don't wanna jinx it. If you know what ratings my teams will be let me know, it would be easier to figure what gear to get. That's all.


Honors Code said...

Honorshammer will have more resilience on Friday when we try again.

I'm just happy you are willing to stick with the team.

Honors Code said...

I also have it on good authority that a cetain Draenai Shaman you know might be looking for a 3s team.

Bacon said...

I'm sorry our 5v5 plans aren't working out. The Euro Comp makeup is so class and spec dependent that it won't work unless we have everyone on board. So far, I haven't heard back from our frost mage and priest.

And I think Honor's is right, our neighborhood shaman is probably looking for a 3s team after our makeup didn't workout.