Monday, July 07, 2008

Nothing worth putting thought into a title

I did do a couple of heroics with Homerjay on Saturday night. We did heroic Shattered Halls up to the last boss, which we didn't have the dps for (my bad for not being combat). We also did heroic ramparts. These heroics were done on a vent where I can hear but I can't talk. I have to be honest, when I can't talk I tend not to listen. While I'm mashing my hemo key I'm watching some show about making fancy cakes with my wife. So the volume on the computer is pretty low. So when someone tells me I need to get away from the boss when he's casting something I don't always hear them and then we die, my bad. I now have 46 badges must get pvp cloak.

Sunday I asked around hoping to get some arena games in for the week. I ended up doing some 2v2 with Zadorr. He's going resto for season 4 (from feral) so we gave it a shot. He had already played 50 games on that team (as feral) so the nine we did won't get me any points but the experience was well worth the time. The team went from 1650 to 1590 so I'm not sure it was for Zadorr. We went 3-6 which isn't bad, the full season 3 geared teams haven't quite cleared the area.

I'm not sure 2v2 with a healer is for me, 15 minute matches aren't real fun. We beat one warrior druid team, where it took me 16 minutes to kill this druid. He would let me beat on him for a while in bear form then shift and cyclone and I wouldn't have the energy or have the gcd up to be able to kick. He would then run away behind another pillar heal himself up get back in bear form and wait for me. The last time I was able to kick him to interrupt root and I killed him. That's all.

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