Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Of The Shattered Sun

I have decided to bring up the topic of this title. I find it distasteful, why show off? Isn't it enough to have the npcs on the Ilse tell you how great you are when you walk by? Isn't knowing that you done so many daily quests that you are exalted enough? The epic neck piece, is that enough? Not for the person "Of the Shattered Sun" it's not. You need a title over your head flaunting to the world that you can do daily quests and had a 1000 gold you didn't need. For shame, some people can't kill wretched fiends or drop arcane charges on pit lords, we aren't all leet like you. Not only are you showing off your incredible daily quest doing skills, you spend a 1000 gold to do so. I have reached exalted and have a spare 1000 gold but I don't need to brag about it.

On another topic I wish there was an "Of the Ogri'la" title, that would be awesome. I would pay a lot of gold for that. That's all.

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Honors Code said...

They put it in so people who didn't raid or PVP could have a title. I can't wait to get Hand of A'dal when I get in on Kael kill.