Monday, August 25, 2008

Mind made up

I figured out my professions set for the expansion. I didn't watch the changes being made in for Burning Crusade as far as professions went and ended up make the changes at 70, that sucked. I took leatherworking to 350 on Homerjay before I dropped it and picked it up with Lakini. Much wasted time and mats there.

So I decided to go with jewelcrafting the bop gems and are just too good to pass up. That and convenience of cutting my own gems. I'm at 241 right now and it has been okay to level. The need for a bunch of aquamarine was a bit of downer but that's in the past now. The need for gems that are mined/prospected from thorium will no doubt drive me insane. Still sticking with inscriptions for the other trade skill here, I will level as an herbalist and pick it up when I have the mats for 375.

Homerjay's alchemy career will end, blacksmithing looks too good for a pvp rogue. I'll have some fancy weapons to start out with (ones I shall create). The extra gem slots will be sweet as well. From the guides I have looked at it doesn't look too painful to level, just a lot of mining. I don't really mind that, the gems or "rare" mats are what kills me leveling jewelcrafting. The last 15 skill points look expensive but I'm not worried about it. Mining will be the other profession here, I'll need it for leveling, and alchemy is garbage for pvp only toon.

As for my hunter herbalism and alchemy are the choices here. I'll need herbs for inscriptions and transmutes will be nice for jewewlcrafting and potions are good. The downside of the switch is losing all the fancy things I have come across with Homerjay, but I'll survive without them. It's not like I make pre bc potions that I grabbed long ago at this point. I won't have the recipes that require rep but I'm sure I'll know someone who does. That's all

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