Monday, August 25, 2008

Myopic Hybrids

In my travels as a druid I have come across about 3 million posts on the druid forums wanting Blizzard to change talent and abilities to benefit their spec and desired play style. Here's the latest from the Beta forums.;jsessionid=1CD12E1F216DE79762E7E6F05D9C5612.app05_07?topicId=9232543771&sid=2000

Not a terrible post, but one part hurts my brain.

"Oh and something I've said before, having Barkskin back off of the Global Cooldown (make it 2 minute cooldown instead, it'd be fine like that) would be a huge benefit, especially since it's castable in Tree Form. "

Mr. pve resto noob, this a balance spell and balance druids need to use barkskin in order to startup their aoe rotation. Also Mr. Noob, druids of all specs use this spell when being focused in pvp. Taking it off the global cooldown and doubling the cooldown helps you and nerfs others, most of all balance druids (did I mention it's a balance spell). So many druids think the class is made for their spec and their play style (pve or pvp).

I have played a resto druid in pvp (not well) and pve. While I'm no expert I feel I can see things from a resto point of view as well as balance. If I spend more time in Moonkin form than tree form raiding I'll be shocked. That being said I can't stand it when resto druids want balance and feral talents/abilities altered to be more useful to them. It's odd no one recommends lowering healing spells usefulness to restos to benefit other specs. That's not how it works, so many of these noobs think the other trees are there to serve their spec.

Maybe it's because the mess that Blizzard has made of the bottom of the resto tree. They still have talents that having nothing to do with healing. I am hoping they move a couple of talents around to make it easier to get some resto talents for my balance spec. None of this would in any way nerf a resto druid, which is the difference of course.
I'd rather just put all my points in balance but Blizzard has put better talents in the top of the resto tree than at the bottom of the balance tree. I have rambled a bit, that's all.

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