Monday, August 18, 2008

Professions in Wotlk

Well, I have been trying to figure out what I want to do here. I have Alchemy, Leatherworking at 375 as well as herbalism, skinning and mining. I also have engineering at 365, but that's gone for sure. Inscriptions will replace it, what I'll do with the rest I'm not sure.

I didn't jump on the jewelcrafting bandwagon last expansion, I'm on the inscription one this time. If you don't know about inscriptions this link will do

Now, no excuse for not knowing what I'm talking about. The main benefit of this grabbing the extra glyph. Which isn't that great for me as the glyphs are bad for balance druids. I'm going to grab the innervate one past that I don't know. I'm thinking that they will make some changes there, I can't imagine them leaving them as bad as they are.

Now I have over a 1000 herbs laying around, but most are Outland herbs and I don't think I'll need that many of those. I do think I have most of the herbs I need to be at 300 the day the expansion is released. I doubt there will be a million people standing around the trainer. Or do I?

Homerjay is the herb/alchemist and it has been perfect. The discovery system has made the fact I don't do much pve with him not matter. I don't have to be exalted with a bunch of factions to have the best flasks, all I have to do is make potions. I always had the mats needed for flasks and mana potions for raiding. I have also made a good amount of money selling herbs and transmutes.

Looks like the alchemy I enjoyed in burning crusade is over. They are moving the high end stuff to rep grinds and such. Losers with no life who made 10,000 potions trying to get a certain flask and still didn't have used there tears to change the system. That really makes this profession less useful for a pvp toon who can't use them arenas anyway. I don't have the fancy trinket as that requires rep I don't have.

Another change that bugs me is a new debuff preventing you from using more than one potion in a fight. I didn't sell potions so I'm not losing money off it, but they are making the game easier for players who are lazy with consumables. My worry with this is what happens when you used a buff potion and you need to pop a health potion to stay alive, you're screwed. Having the consumables for raiding isn't hard, the people going through a bunch of potions every night aren't the people this is geared for anyway. This is for the player who can't figure out how to enchant or gem their gear or how to not be terrible. If you want to raid get herbalism, have someone make you potions, sell extra herbs for insane gold, it's easy.

The real debate for me is leatherworking or enchanting. Nothing endgame as far as leatherworking goes has been released into beta yet. Drums got nerfed more than potions, at least someone using a mana potion doesn't make it so a tank can't use a health potion for 2 minutes. I also am not sure anyone in guild will be max level leatherworker which provides those wonderful leg armor kits I will want on my rogue.

We have a few enchanters so I'm not worried about that. Having the ring enchants would be really nice as well. Enchanting also pairs well with inscriptions as I could throw them onto scrolls and sell them or use them on alts. Being able to disenchant my gear I progress through raiding would be nice as well.

If I do keep leatherworking that means no inscriptions until I have all the mats I need for the end game gear. I'll grab skinning on Lakini for leveling and collect all the mats needed for any gear until I'm able to get my hunter to 80. Since I'm leveling my druid second that means it could be 3 months before I'm ready to drop skinning.

I could also grab jewelcrafting on either my hunter or druid. If I don't have leatherworking skinning isn't that useful, but jewelcrafting has been really tied to rep if that's the case again I won't do that with my farming alt. Jewelcrafters are much rarer than enchanters these days and I'm in impatient person, I have no time to wait for someone to come online to cut something for me. Until I find out about leatherworking nothing will change for me as far this goes. That's all.

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